Quinchos: A Special Reunion Space to Gather Together and Share

Quinchos are an outdoor space for social gatherings. Make the most of yours for all your events.
Quinchos: A Special Reunion Space to Gather Together and Share

Last update: 14 February, 2019

In the world of rustic grilling, there’s a particular tradition that stands out: South American  quinchos. They’re not just a grill, but a space to enjoy a barbecue.

In summary, quinchos are a place to prepare food and share. Though they’re normally separate structures, there are also quinchos that form a part of the main home as well.

Their rustic traits make them a great option for home exteriors. They fit every season and are made with resistant, easy maintenance materials.

Types of quinchos

Just like other grills, quinchos can come in different styles. They can range from an industrial to a more traditional style.

quinchos 1

However, the best option is a rustic quincho that combines the best from traditional and modern styles on a functional, and aesthetic, level. These models will look great with the rest of your setting.

Rustic materials are wood, stone, iron, and brick. But be careful, we don´t mean use them all at the same time.

Balancing the elements

To create a sound, cozy quincho, you don’t need excessive decor. But you do need certain materials, however, to enhance the setting and rustic decor.

1. Wood

Wood is the main decor material for quinchos. It forms both the structure and furniture pieces. Using wooden details is something to seriously consider: wooden beams, narrow columns, benches, and other accessories.

For a beautiful quicho, use a solid wood table (with matching benches). Make sure that your furniture pieces have irregular lines to highlight their natural quality.

quinchos 2

2. Brick and stone

Other materials, like stone or brick, are also very common in quinchos. Aside from their strong resistance, people use them because they look great. You can use them to partially or completely cover the walls in your quincho. Or, you could try using bricks on two walls and cement for the remaining walls.

If you have a stone quincho, consider adding some wooden details. These could be benches, chairs, cabinets or wooden art pieces with an aged finish. With wooden details, your space will be visually balanced.

quinchos 3
Quincho / pinterest.es

Decorative lighting

Construction materials are the only elements that define a rustic setting. Objects can also play a role in decor.

You can place light fixtures, paintings, textiles and many other objects in your quincho as well. They’ll add more originality while staying consistent with your decor.

quinchos 4

Most rustic quincho settings use light fixtures that have an antique and weathered finish. In light of that, antique countryside iron lamps could be a great option.

If your lamps have an aged finish as well, they’ll look even better. Wooden wheel ceiling light fixtures also look great in these settings.

You could also try adding small, modern lanterns to maintain the balance between modern and rustic.

As you’ve read with us today, you can give your home and quincho a must-have rustic air. To create it, you could use the materials or objects that we talked about. Remember to maintain a balance in your overall composition and avoid overwhelming your setting with just one material.

Failing to do so will result in a setting that’ll age fast and you’ll want to remodel everything again. So, take care of the small details, use certain materials together and balance your rustic spaces.

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