How to Transform your Yard into a Luxury Garden

You probably spend a lot of time thinking about taking a vacation. Learn how to transform your yard into a luxury garden and relax in it every day.
How to Transform your Yard into a Luxury Garden

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Ever dreamt of having a luxury garden? You just need to learn a few tricks so you can create one. You can turn your yard into a place to relax. Find inspiration in popular destinations and build on this by adding accessories and garden furniture. This will transform your yard into a luxury garden.

Find inspiration in Santorini

Santorini has a distinct style and it’s easily recognizable with its blue shades and white buildings. Use these colors as a base because they blend with everything. Then, select wooden furniture with simple lines and white drapes, and add a few touches of color with blue cushions and pots.

The style of an English garden

English gardens are romantic and timeless. Transform your yard into a luxury English garden, like the ones in Chelsea. This is a place full of roses, arches and water lilies in ponds.

An English garden will have wrought-iron, lattices, and fabrics with patterns, so you should imitate this style.

A luxury garden just off the Italian coast

History and endless beauty come together on the beautiful Italian coasts. This a luxurious style, filled with contrasts such as modern furniture and old terracotta pots.

The colors in your Italian luxury garden should be white and grey, so they remind you of the Amalfi coast, but the main material to use is timeless and luxurious wood.

Spanish luxury garden.

The wonderful French Riviera

The hotels on the French Riviera are a statement of class and style because they portray luxury.

Breton stripes work well and combine with tapestries, cushions, blankets, and towels. To create this aesthetic, use big umbrellas or canopies with white fabric or sailor stripes. Don’t forget to strategically place a few metal lanterns for a nautical feel.

The best colors for this style are white and blue. Use decorative accessories like knots, ropes, anchors, or boats.

backyard featured

The Spanish luxury of Ibiza

This is a very minimalist decor style. Wooden porches or white canopies, contemporary furniture, fresh materials, and monochromatic color palettes so you feel like you’re in Ibiza.

Learn to combine the old with the new and add finishing touches like hammocks, baskets, big terracotta pots, plain tapestries, and designer furniture.

Use these tricks and find the aesthetic you like the best because you can build the luxury garden of your dreams.

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