How to Decorate a Food Store Effectively

If you have a grocery or food store, it's important that you keep these useful tips in mind to make your shop more attractive to the public.
How to Decorate a Food Store Effectively

Last update: 18 September, 2020

If you have a business and you’re your own boss, then you must give careful thought to the layout and design of your shop. It must look attractive, well-looked after, and clean. That’s why we wanted to give you some tips on how to decorate a food store – these tips might inspire you if you own another type of store too.

When you provide a service to the public, you must clearly define the aesthetic design. You may not realize the influence of certain colors or items of furniture, and how they can attract your potential customers. It’s always good to be on the lookout for new ways to promote your business.

Without a doubt, you must put a lot of work into creating the decor for your business. If you neglect this factor, then you risk losing customers. Why? Because it won’t be at all aesthetically pleasing and it’ll jar with the customer’s senses, creating quite an unpleasant environment. Your goal should be to create a pleasant and exciting sensation for your customers.

A supermarket.

How to decorate a food store – functionality and aesthetics

First and foremost, you must consider the relationship between functionality and aesthetics. You should keep the same decorative style in the whole of the shop area, as well as in the products you sell.

Supermarkets, for example, usually only tend to be functional. They may use the brand’s color scheme to offer some sort of aesthetic theme, but they don’t use the furniture or units subtly or elaborately.

On the other hand, delicatessens, craft stores, specialized gastronomic stores, etc., usually do present this combination effectively, working on the relationship between the food, and the area and shelving where each item is placed.

When the store becomes a pleasant place, sales multiply.

A delicatessen.

Which shelves are the best option for the store?

Shelves are the most useful resource to display the products in an orderly and attractive fashion. There are many types of shelving, but your choice will depend on what you want to display and offer in your store. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

  • In the case of a delicatessen, glass partitions are usually used to keep the products protected and visible. However, there’s also the option of using wooden shelving to create a more natural, rustic atmosphere.
  • Gourmet or delicatessen stores also tend to use wooden furniture. They tend to be painted black to give a much more serious and refined look, thus creating a calming environment. This is what we can also see in wine stores, for example.
  • Stores with handcrafted products usually have more variety and freedom when it comes to shelving, as they tend to use both metal and wood in their displays. The shelves are often covered with decorative material to give a more attractive touch. There’s a clear trend towards toasted white and other similar colors in these types of stores.

Colors – the means to define the theme

A wine store.

Believe it or not, a food store has a theme. Depending on the type of product you sell, the colors will vary. So you’ll need to look into this carefully and understand the relationship between colors, knowing where and how to apply them to achieve a pleasant combination.

Food items need to be complemented with warm shades. The color of the wood itself can be very aesthetically pleasing in many shop areas. On the other hand, neutral colors are another possibility, especially if you use them on the walls to support the furniture and products and help them stand out more.

In wine stores, we recommend using black and garnet (dark red) to blend well with the colors of the bottles and the wine.

If you own a fruit and vegetable store, then forest colors will predominate.

The tendency to choose neutral and dark colors is the best option.

Decorating a food store – the importance of light to create the right atmosphere

Decorating a food store.

When it comes to decorating your shop area, you must apply the right type of lighting to create a warm and calming atmosphere. It’s preferable to avoid the bright white lights used by supermarkets, as they tend to be more functional and can become quite stressful in smaller shop areas.

With food stores, the aim is to make the customer feel comfortable and create a timeless atmosphere, inviting them to relax and enjoy browsing. Of course, the idea here is to stimulate them to make more purchases, and the correct use of light is a very effective way of doing this.

You must use light in such a way as to highlight the products on the shelves and ensure that there are no dark areas that will hide your products from the customer.

We hope you’ve found this article on how to decorate a food store useful, and that it helps you to see the importance of getting your decoration right to attract more customers and increase sales.


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