How to Build a Simple Solarium

With a solarium, you can enjoy the sun in summer and winter.
How to Build a Simple Solarium

Last update: 16 October, 2020

Below, we’ll give you some basic ideas on how to make a solarium for your home. whether you want to sunbathe in summer or capture the rays of the sun in winter, a solarium is an ideal way to top up your vitamin C.

Sometimes, people often don’t take advantage of the rooftop, which is a shame since it’s a space full of potential. It’s most often used to dry clothes, have evening gatherings, or even as a lookout point, but it can also be used for things you haven’t even thought of yet.

With large terraces, the sun can shine there for several hours a day. It’s time to evaluate all the different possibilities these parts of the house have to offer.

Open-air solarium

A lawnchair in a solarium at home.

The most common type of solarium is located on the roof, which can be accessed through internal or external stairs.

The main goal while using this space is to sunbathe. Obviously, it’ll be out in the open, although you can erect a small roof if at some point you want some shade.

What furniture will you need? Basically, sun lounger chairs where you can sunbathe and relax, some plants to create a fresh and natural environment, and, of course, a small table where you can place your drinks and that great book you’re reading.

With very little you can build your own solarium.

A glass roof solarium in your home

A furnished solarium in a home.

Another type of solarium is one with a glass roof. In this case, it’s completely enclosed and could be enjoyed both in the winter and the summer. Take a look at the main features of this solarium:

  1. This is an enclosure that’s located in the highest part of the house (roof or attic) or as an outdoor terrace. However, some people prefer to have the solarium detached from the house.
  2. Its glass roof allows natural light to enter. It has a steel or aluminum structure and doors and windows that can be opened for ventilation.
  3. The type of furniture used is the same as above. However, you can also use other furniture that you like, taking into account the space will be protected and won’t be affected by the weather.
  4. You have to be careful with the heat, as it could end up feeling like a greenhouse. To control the exposure to the sun, sliding or manual blinds are a good option.
  5. This place is suitable for all kinds of activities: resting, partying, looking at the stars, entertaining guests, or a place for reflection and disconnection.

What type of floor does a solarium need?

An outdoor home solarium.

It really doesn’t matter, but the most common is wood. The elongated planks that cover the whole floor are comfortable, enhance the aesthetic of the structure, and absorb the bright rays of the sun.

If you lay a tile floor, it’ll help freshen up the atmosphere; however, it’s bright and can be hard on the eyes.

Linoleum is functional and attractive, and if it’s in a neutral tone like gray, it’ll still look good, be comfortable, and won’t dazzle you.

What else does a solarium provide?

A pool ladder in a yard.

It’s important to ensure that a solarium provides a calm and tranquil space that many people desire. Furthermore, entering your home every day and having a place for yourself is so relaxing.

If you have room, you can include a small pool. It’s always good to take a dip while sunbathing in order to better withstand the high temperatures and take advantage of the sun without leaving home.


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