5 Steps for Decorating a Children's Clothing Store

Here are some ideas for decorating a children's clothing store! Add in color, texture and kid-friendly designs.
5 Steps for Decorating a Children's Clothing Store

Last update: 05 November, 2019

In order to decorate a children’s clothing store successfully, you need to keep several aspects in mind. If you have your own clothing brand, it’ll be easier to find decor inspiration from your own articles.

Your brand image will give you certain guidelines for colors, elements, and textures. If you don’t have your own clothing line, let your imagination take the reins instead. Be creative and find a connection to your main audience – children.

In our post today, we have 5 steps to decorate a clothing store for children. It might seem like a tedious task, but decorating will be easier than you think.

How do decorate a children’s clothing store

The most important aspect of decorating a children’s clothing store is detecting the fundamental elements that will capture the eyes of children and their parents alike. So, you’ll need to think about colors, textures and play corners that can do the trick.

Additionally, the most important aspect of your decor is making sure that kids feel at home. They need to feel comfortable enough to browse your store, looking for things that they can identify with. Here are 5 steps to create great decor for a children’s clothing store.

1. Use the right colors

children's clothing store colors

Colors are one of the most important elements in capturing a child’s attention. With that in mind, you’ll have to use plenty of color in your decor. Try bright colors, or many pastel ones instead. If you go for a pastel palette, mixing and matching them will create a cozy atmosphere.

Use pastel pink, green, and blues. Once you’ve chosen your color palette, try using neutral colors for your back walls. White, chalk walk or beige are great options.

If you want, you can also paint fun motifs or designs on a wall. Try applying a set of beautiful colors, wallpaper with kid-friendly designs or even a vinyl decal. Choose the idea that best suits your store and make it really shine.

2. Add fun textures

childrens clothing store texture

Another fundamental decor element is soft, fun textures. Use fabrics like linen or cotton.

You can also use curtains to divide certain sections of your store. Or, try cute patterns in the dressing rooms. By keeping things soft and plush, your little customers won’t hurt themselves as they push doors or touch different objects.

childrens clothing store theme

If your clothes already have a certain theme, you’ll easily find decorative accessories. Look for the best pieces to complement your products.

You can use cute dolls on the shelves in your store. Try to use objects that children can identify with. Let them browse and touch. But make sure that you don’t use any fragile items as children are curious and want to get their hands on everything!

4. Fill a corner with toys

childrens clothing store toy corner

Creating a toy corner is another great idea. Kids get distracted wherever they are and love taking time out to play. So, create a small toy corner for them.

In addition, help them feel at home by using elements that they like: books, toys, dolls, crayons, etc. Set up a beautiful space with a small table and colorful chairs. With a play corner, kids can have some fun and will look forward to coming back.

5. Appropriate set up

childrens clothing store set up

Lastly, set up your clothing products on different levels and on small stands. As you’re dealing with children’s clothing, the articles are much smaller than adult sizes.

Set up small white or pastel-colored shelves with your products. Decorate with hangers or use colorful hangers to create a lively effect. As you can imagine, combining all of these elements successfully is essential for helping children feel at home.

A visually attractive commercial decor is also very important for parents. And parents are ultimately the ones who will buy the products for their children. In light of that, make sure to keep your store clean, well-stocked and -organized in addition to filling it with fun, kid-friendly objects.