Beautiful Minimalist Fountains for Your Garden

A fountain is an aesthetic contribution to the garden. It creates a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.
Beautiful Minimalist Fountains for Your Garden

Last update: 30 September, 2020

Minimalist fountains are the best way to complete your garden and the exteriors of the house. Consider them as an artistic means of singular beauty that aesthetically enhances the space and completely spruces it up.

Generally, people tend to limit themselves to having certain traditional and conservative elements in the garden. However, it’s time to change, innovate, and introduce new decor trends.

Firstly, any event you hold in the garden or, simply being able to enjoy it alone will be much more pleasant if you have a fountain. Also, this is an item worth investing in and will help create an ideal atmosphere.

Stainless steel tube fountain

A tall minimalist fountain in a patio.

Stainless steel is a material that denotes modernity and character. Its resistance over time is evident, but it also offers an image that shows strength and a contemporary look.

A common water feature is made of steel pipes. Therefore, among all the minimalist fountains for the garden, this one is popular. It doesn’t take up too much space since it’s tall, so you won’t lose too much ground space.

The water spills over the surface producing a very beautiful aesthetic effect – an unparalleled delicate glowing and shimmering that creates a feeling of tranquility. Also, its silver tone captures attention especially if you incorporate some lights to highlight the sculpture.

Minimalist waterfall fountains – a natural effect

A waterfall fountain coming out of a wall.

So, if you want your garden to feel more natural, having a waterfall is just what you need. It doesn’t have to be identical to a waterfall you’d see in the countryside, it just needs a perfectly directed channel.

Within this type of water feature, there are different types. Here are some of the most interesting ones currently on the market:

  1. Minimalism using sound. This is a panel that comes out from the wall and, by using interior pipes, the water exits through a slit and falls into a tank. This will create a very zen space.
  2. Another scenario is if the panel is attached to a wall as if water was casually coming out of the wall. Like the previous idea, the ambiance is the same – the water exits through the horizontal opening and produces a natural effect.
  3. An assortment of materials, from stone to aluminum or steel. These are considered very modern materials, breaking with the idea of a classic fountain and differentiating from typical traditional ponds.
  4. Straight lines are everywhere. The curve generated by the water is unique, dynamic, and energetic as it falls. This fits in perfectly with a contemporary garden.

The relationship between curves and straight lines

A round minimalist fountain in a garden.

Among all the minimalist fountains for your garden, a special mention should be made to those that offer a singular image, as if staging an art piece to attract attention.

It’s common to try to combine curves with straight lines. This is a contemporary idea and generates a relaxed, pleasant, and quiet atmosphere.

These are made up of a tall panel or column that releases water from its top surface. An alternative is to add a bowl to the center to allow water to bubble up. Some even have lights that illuminate the water feature.

Minimalist fountains as sculptures

These fountains aren’t just sculptures that are pleasant to look at, but also have an effect on the environment. They help set the mood and create a focus as if they were a piece of art.

You could also place an avant-garde sculpture in the center of the fountain. This can be there as an ornament or it can become part of the fountain itself. These are usually surrounded by water features.

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