Backyard Fantasy Decor

Want to fill your backyard with fantasy and originality? Here are some creative ways to make it happen.
Backyard Fantasy Decor

Last update: 28 January, 2021

A fantasy decor will look beautiful for your backyard. Backyards can feature both nature and a balanced set of decorative objects. In our post today, we’ll show you some original ideas on how to use objects and bring fantasy into your outdoors.

You could incorporate decor pieces from fairy tales, strategically manipulate artificial lighting and create mini-gardens. These fantasy elements will create an outdoor setting that’s full of enchantment and personality. You can also use them subtly, complementing the plants in your backyard. Check out our original ideas below.

Fantasy decor

We’ll explain how to create beautiful mini-gardens in the corners of your home. We’ll also go over how to light up your exteriors to create an enchanted, magical ambiance. Plus, we’re going to show you how to make cute little mushrooms to decorate your backyard. Keep reading and you’ll learn these fantastic ideas for your home.

fantasy backyard 1


Mini-gardens are small worlds created for a home’s exterior. They have an ambiance that includes elements straight out of a fairy tale. You’ll need an old wagon or big flower pot that you don’t use anymore.

Fill the container with soil and start planting your mini-garden. Try laying down a small lawn, covering just part of the entire area and add moss or medium-sized stones to the empty part. Then, set up a small fairy castle at one end. Make a small sand pathway and line it with stones. Add small plants or flowers for trees.

And that’s how you can make a fantasy mini-garden. If you want, you can add in small fairy or animal figurines as well. If not, leaving as it is will look beautiful as well. Move your mini-garden to your front entrance, a small corner on your deck or wherever you want.

fantasy backyard 2

Tip over an old bucket

Our next idea looks gorgeous and has plenty of fantasy and enchantment. You’ll need an old wooden or iron bucket. Look for one that originally served to fill tanks with water. Tip it to make it look like it fell over and anchor it to the ground. Next, plant colorful flowers spilling outwards, near the rim and ground. You’ll trick eyes into thinking that the flowers fell out of the bucket. It’s a cute decor idea that’s full of fantasy with a hint of romance and magic.

Small little mushrooms

Little mushrooms are a standard fantasy accessory, making us think of forest fairies. Gather some wooden sticks and create mushrooms with cold porcelain clay in various colors. Switch between yellow, red or green as the base color and add some white spots. Create a good number of these mushrooms to spread out throughout your backyard. You could try putting sticking them into your flowerbeds or pots.

Magical DIY lanterns

Lastly, lighting is a must for backyards. To create a beautiful, magical lighting system in your backyard, gather some glass jars. Fit in small candles or LED lights. Look for a nice tree to hang these magical lanterns. You can opt to use a strong wire to keep them secure. From far away, they’ll look like fireflies floating in your garden.

fantasy backyard 3

Magical spaces and fantasy decor are wonderful ways to decorate backyards of homes with small children. They could play with these elements, make up stories and admire nature at the same time. If you want to enhance the fantasy factor, try adding small fairies or gnomes around your plants.

Avoid using toxic elements near plants. Failing to do so will harm or kill them. Choose your favorite kind of fantasy decor for the small corners of your backyard and have fun decorating. Create magical atmospheres right at home.