Backyard Decor Essentials

If you're thinking about adding some new items to your backyard, we'll show you some ideas that shouldn't be missing in your home.
Backyard Decor Essentials

Last update: 06 February, 2019

The backyard is the outdoor area of our homes that requires both decorative and functional items, furniture and lighting. Setting up a backyard decor that goes well with your home’s style isn’t always easy. Maybe you have some ideas in mind but have trouble turning them into reality.

So, today, we’d like to give you ideas on accessories and furniture that you should have in your backyard.

Being able to spend time with friends and family outdoors, surrounded by beautiful elements and comfortable furniture will add more warmth to your home exteriors. Read on to learn about original elements that are a must or simply just beautiful to add to your backyard.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is always a practical idea. If you have a big deck, now is your chance to create a small outdoor living room. You can create different spaces.

Decorate your outdoor living room with beautiful furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, remember to always take extra care of it. Creating a small living room in your backyard with wooden or wicker sofas is a wonderful idea. You could also use a small, low-standing wooden table as well. Then, you could enjoy a nice coffee with your friend after lunch.

Backyard 1

Set up a patio umbrella for hotter days

Patio umbrellas are essential if you’re planning to spend time under the sun in the summer. Setting up a wide umbrella in a corner or by the table is a must.

Add a bench outside

Benches are picturesque and very practical for backyards. They come in different materials. You could look for a beautiful iron bench or a wooden one. Put your bench underneath a tree to enjoy the shade.

Decorative objects for backyards

Some decks are so large that setting up a couple of benches or lounge chairs just won’t cut it. You’ll have to use decorative accessories to complete it, creating a pleasant setting. Below, we’ll show you some beautiful outdoor decorative accessories.

Pots are a must

Plants and flowers are fundamental for backyard decor. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. You can use pots or antique jars for your favorite plants. Additionally, you can also use other original accessories as a pot as well:

  • Old wagon: Take an old wagon, paint it and fill it with dirt and your favorite flowers. It’ll be an original decor detail that’ll also help you move flowers around if you have a large garden.
  • Old bike: If you have an old bike with a basket in your garage, you can use the basket to fit small flower pots. The end result will be a beautiful, flowery bike for your outdoors.
backyard 2


Small birdhouses are lovely decor accessories to use on your deck. You can find wooden houses and paint them however you want. Then, you could hang them from your home or from a tree branch. With these birdhouses, you’ll always have pretty birds visiting your home.

Garden animals

Outdoor animal statues also look beautiful in backyards. There’s an endless variety of animals, materials, shapes, and colors. An idea to try is adding some rabbits to a corner of your deck where the grass is nice and long.

Make a swing

Swings are beautiful and ideal if you have small children. Or, you can make your own hammock with a couple of materials. For the swing, all you need is strong rope and a wooden board. Hang the swing from a strong branch on your oldest tree. It’ll look beautiful and you’ll have created a small play area for your kids as well.

Outdoor lighting for your backyard

Outdoor lighting is fundamental for warm nights and family gatherings. You can use standing or wall lamps, torches or even large candleholders. If you want to create a romantic setting for a special event, add candles to glass jars for your backyard tables. They’ll give your night a warm ambiance.

While many of the items that we mentioned today aren’t absolutely essential, you can decide what you really need or want to complete the look of your exteriors. Remember to take extra care of those objects that require special maintenance. Decorate and enjoy your home exteriors, both day and night.