Alternatives to Traditional Downpipes that Decorate Your Home

Downpipes are often ugly plastic things on the outside of your house that prevent your house from showing to the best advantage. With the alternatives to traditional downpipes that we'll show you in this article, you'll be able to find a simple and economical solution.
Alternatives to Traditional Downpipes that Decorate Your Home

Last update: 14 May, 2019

When you think about buying a downpipe for your home, it’s probable that you just think about traditional downpipes. For instance, a common grey tube, made of plastic that is able to effectively carry away the rainwater from your home. However, did you know that there are various alternatives to traditional downpipes available on the market? Some are really very pretty.

If you haven’t heard of these alternatives before, read on. We’ll explain which are the most popular and why. You will probably fall in love with more than one option thanks to their elegance and attractiveness.

A metal rain chain with a drainage area is a great option for alternatives to traditional downpipes

Rain chains are alternatives to traditional downpipes that are becoming more and more common thanks to their economical price and beauty. You can also easily install them and most types don’t need any kind of maintenance. Just make sure when you go to purchase that you choose a material that won’t rust on contact with water.

The only downside to rain chains is that the water isn’t piped away in such an efficient way as traditional downpipes. But anyway, if it’s in an area where it doesn’t matter if a little water splashes, it won’t be a problem.

Structures for climbing plants

A trellis covers a metal downpipe and has jasmine growing over it

You most likely already have a downpipe or two installed in your home and don’t want to buy another one. Don’t worry, because there are also alternatives to traditional downpipes where you don’t even need to uninstall the old one. One example of this is using structures for climbing plants to cover over your downpipes.

There are different sized structures, so you will certainly find one that you can adapt to the dimensions of your existing downpipes. Install the structure first, which might consist of an open trellis or mesh. Then, find the perfect flowering climber and guide it onto the trellis as it grows.

Every now and then, you should check to make sure the plant hasn’t started growing inside the downpipe itself. If this happens you should cut it back a little. You don’t want it blocking the pipe. Over time, the ugly pipe will be completely covered over by the climbing plant.

Rain chains made with cups, original alternatives to traditional downpipes

Copper rain chain made with cups

Rain chains made with cups are among those decor items that you just can’t help falling in love with at first sight. Apart from perfectly doing their job of carrying away rainwater, they are also very pretty. You can find them in metal, plastic and even ceramic. You can create different compositions depending on your tastes and the general theme of your garden.

This type of item will especially match gardens with a Chill Out theme thanks to the fact that they are so relaxing to watch and listen to in the rain. Install one of these alternatives to traditional downpipes and enjoy the rain with your guests the next time you have friends over.

Why should you choose one of these alternatives to traditional downpipes?

These alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Why? Well, it probably doesn’t seem all that strange to you, now you’ve seen a few examples. Below, you’ll find even more reasons to choose one of these alternatives.

More appealing

A rain chain with colored pieces of crystal and a wooden bucket

Without a doubt, you really can’t compare boring plastic pipes with one of these three alternatives. They are so appealingly pretty and eye-catching. If you like to keep your garden well maintained and pleasant, one of these alternatives is an option you should take into account. It could just be the perfect complement to your garden decor.

Easier maintenance

Traditional downpipes do of course have many advantages, such as efficiently channeling away water, as well as being very durable. However, over time they also require regular maintenance. If you don’t maintain them, rubbish can accumulate and the drains start to block up. And as a consequence of this, the pipes may start leaking.

On the other hand, some of these alternatives we’ve considered won’t really need any maintenance. The only thing you need to make sure you do is to buy them in a material that won’t rust since they’ll be in constant contact with water.

Relaxing power

Charming rain chains are among the best alternatives to traditional downpipes

It’s probably occurred to you that a downpipe that has the basic function of carrying away rainwater really doesn’t have anything to do with the idea of relaxation and lowering stress levels. However, the above options of using rain chains with cups can absolutely do this. One thing is that it’s very relaxing to watch them while it’s raining, and another is that they have a very agreeable sound.

Also, rain chains with cups can perfectly complement terrace gardens. It would be a real joy to have one of your very own rain chain features in your garden, where you can spend your free time on your own or in company with friends and family. Everyone will be able to enjoy the calming effects of one of these alternatives to traditional downpipes.