4 Awnings for your Terrace

Choose from one of these 4 types of awning for your terrace and start enjoying your summer.
4 Awnings for your Terrace

Last update: 05 October, 2018

When hot weather arrives, the best way to make the most of your terrace is to ensure it gets some shade. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor space all day long, eating or enjoying a good book and without getting too much sun. This post suggests 4 awnings that are easy to install. You can choose which best suits your needs.

Foldable awnings for your terrace

If you want to create an area of shade joined to the side of your house, then a foldable awning is the best option. These come in a wide variety of sizes. They can even fit the dimensions of the wall.

Foldable awnings can be of plastic or from weather-resistant materials. They will last year after year through summers of strong sunlight without deteriorating. They are quite straightforward to install, especially when they come with instructions.

The main advantage of these awnings is that they fold. They open or close either electrically or by hand using a handle or a remote control. This allows you to enjoy the shade only when you need it. With just one press of a button or pull of a handle, you can let the sun warm your terrace once more.


As you can attach foldable awnings to the walls of you home, they are an original and efficient way of blocking out the sun from your terrace. If you put up your awning when the sun is at its strongest, you can stop your home becoming too hot. This is an efficient way of saving on air conditioning and of keeping your home at the right temperature.


We’re not referring to the typical beach parasols that provide barely a square meter of shade and that fly away with even a breath of wind. These parasols are similar, but they have been substantially improved in recent years. They are broad parasols that are both made of durable materials and are very attractive.

In addition to creating an area of shade outside your home, they also help to keep the inside cool. 

The main advantage of these parasols is that their base is at one end.  So they provide shade without the base or the mast of the parasol getting in the way or preventing you from arranging other objects around them.


Parasols cost between 50 and 60 euros. So they are an affordable way of creating shade on your terrace. In addition, they are made of durable materials, such as heat-resistant plastics and aluminium. In addition, their bases are of concrete to ensure they are stable. You can also adjust their height, fold them away extremely easily and they take up little space.


Pergolas are another common way of creating shade on your terrace. These usually cost between 100 and 2,000 Euros and consist of wooden or metal structures.

They often have curtains or mosquito nets that help to create a larger area of shade. These can be drawn back to one corner of the pergola to create either a more open or a more private space. Thin layers of plastic or fabric sometimes feature in the upper part of pergolas, the purpose of which is to give the space an even more open feeling.


If you’re a keen gardener you could opt for a wooden pergola that doesn’t require any accessories. You could place a climbing plant on each of the four posts. Then watch as your wooden pergola becomes covered by the plant. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to dine with friends or rest under your pergola as your climbing plant blooms above. 

Three-dimensional canvas shades

Three-dimensional canvas shades are one of the boldest and most inventive ways of creating shade. This option combines various triangle-shaped pieces of canvas at different heights. Although each individual piece does not provide a huge amount of shade, the combination creates a much wider area of shade.


These shades attach to walls or to other metal structures nearby and they should be set in a creative way that still provides a large area of shade. You could combine pieces of canvas in various colors to create a look that is decorative, as well as practical.