Silicone Vases for Your Home Decor

Have you heard of silicone vases? This material is virtually unbreakable. In addition to their functionality, these vases are also very original.
Silicone Vases for Your Home Decor

Last update: 26 October, 2019

Some materials such as glass and ceramic aren’t always practical and some are also quite expensive, which is why silicone vases are here to stay. Continue reading to find out more about these wonderful home decor objects. They’ll improve the look of any surface you place them on.

This is definitely a new trend you must follow as you can integrate it into any room of the house. It isn’t only practical, but the designs are quite contemporary, so they’re perfect for most spaces. In fact, they’re a very smart option to have in children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

If you don’t want to give up the quality and look of glass and ceramics, and you like this novel idea, then there are some interesting options you can choose.

You can decorate simple pieces of glass with silicone and turn them into true works of art that you’ll be very proud of.

The newest – silicone vases

A geometric planter.

You’ll find silicone vases in many shops. They’re the latest and most original when it comes to recent home decor accessories. For example, the Blob vases are the work of a Dutch company.

These are fun and original pieces that are perfect for centerpieces and tables. We even love them near windows, without any risk of them breaking.

Silicone vases are a trend that’s here to stay. It isn’t only because they’re very good looking, but these particular objects are also rather practical. Not only that but they come in a huge variety of designs, ranging from ultra-simple to most elaborate. It’s just a matter of integrating them with the current decor and colors of your rooms.

For children’s rooms

These silicone vases are great for most rooms in the house but they’re undoubtedly perfect for children’s rooms. Haven’t you ever wanted to fill these with beautiful flower bouquets? You no longer have to worry about vases falling and breaking around children because silicone is virtually unbreakable.

So, choose from the beautiful range of colors and designs and add them to the tables, bathrooms, and shelves of your little ones. You could even place a nice set of silicone vases on their window sill. Also, your children will always have views with flowers and lots of greenery even if you live in the city.

On the terrace and the garden

Geometric silicon containers.

You can also integrate silicone vases with your pots to add more color to your terrace or that special corner of the garden. They’re perfect to enhance the look of your terrace window — or that spot where you sit to relax and drink coffee. In addition, you could also use them to cheer up the corner where you keep your garden tools.

In fact, silicone vases are also perfect for outdoor spaces. This is because you don’t have to worry about them tipping over when it’s windy. Also, because they’re very easy to clean and will look like new for a long time. We particularly like them in groups of various shapes and colors.

So, what are you waiting for? The result will be even lovelier if you use the same kind of flowers in the vases. This is a rather sophisticated look that’ll bring life to any boring corner of your patio.

For the dining room table

Here you can just let your imagination go because this type of silicone vase will be great to adorn a pretty table, even if you use the simplest of designs. Actually, you could even use them for special occasions.

Silicone vases will give a special accent to your table. The smallest and simplest ones are great for using as dinner place tags.

Silicone vases for your home decor

3D printed silicon vases.

Another idea we love is to use silicone guns to decorate glass. If you like working with your hands then you can try these yourself. They’ll become your most favorite pieces.

Hot glue is great because it’s basically hot silicone thus you can make very elaborate patterns on any glass shape. You could even paint them afterward in any color of your choice.

The transparency of the silicone is already quite attractive but you could always place it over a glass vase that’s been previously spray painted. Gun silicone is perfect for creating free-form Moroccan and arabesque style designs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.