Our Recommendations for a Classic Style Living Room

Dressing up your living room in a classic style might seem easy at first, but you should follow some guidelines for perfection.
Our Recommendations for a Classic Style Living Room

Last update: 17 November, 2018

The living room is the most multi-faceted room in a home. It hosts all kinds of activities such as reading, resting, watching TV or eating with friends and sometimes, even working. This makes it an exceptionally important area. So, we have to be completely comfortable there. The classic style offers comfort and practicality.

If you like the classical style, and if you want to change your living room, we’ll offer you some pointers to help you create your dream living room.

The set-up of a classic living room

The typical organization of a classic living room includes a certain set-up of the sofa, armchairs and coffee table. The sofa should be in front of the TV set, the armchairs on each side and the coffee table in the center.

However, there are also modern classic living rooms. These use different types of windows as well as a different furniture set-up. Not all the furniture centers around the TV. Instead, it highlights other aspects of the room such as its practicality or depth.

Symmetry is very characteristic of the classic style. In the past, symmetry was synonymous with beauty. The popularity of symmetry was reflected in furniture placement. Every piece had to fit with the rest.

Classical living room symmetry

Classic rooms also favor proper balance. Object placement was an actual study in the past. The number 3 played a role in achieving balance; it referred to the triangle, which symbolized order and balance.

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can use it to create a classical space. Centering all the furniture around the fireplace will give a sense of warmth and a lot of decor potential.

Wall color

The most common colors that grace the classic style are normally light cream, green and gray tones because they help transmit a feeling of serenity. Sometimes, we might find strong colors such as red and green. These normally serve to revive old walls and to ensure that the beauty of this style withstands the test of time.

Wallpaper is an excellent idea. Some designs recreate classic motifs that were inspired by the 19th century. They grace a room with elegance and opulence.

You can also try a design that uses a light golden undertone with dark and matte textures printed on top. These will add depth to your walls.


A sofa that fits perfectly with the classic design has to be elegant, refined and warm.

An example that would work perfectly here is a Chesterfield sofa. Its traditional dark brown leather and classic buttons remind us of the classic English design. If we include two end tables with a lamp on each one as well, we’ll have an even warmer and brighter living room as a result.

Classical living room chesterfield sofa

Another iconic sofa is the French Club sofa. This was the first to use curves and ergonomics to offer more comfort. In addition, the Club sofa is currently one of the most popular sofas for classical or vintage interior design. The distressed, hand-waxed leather finish and the curved lines give this sofa a special personality and presence.

An L-shaped sofa with a rounded section piece would also make a great option for a classic living room. Its size and presence will make it a centerpiece.

Decorative items for a classic style living room

Classic style accessories must be elegant and dainty so as to not ruin the beauty of this look. Big plants will fit well in these living rooms as well as framed portraits, classical sculptures and even columns that decorate corner spaces.

You can also use porcelain, glass or iron decorative pieces in your living room.

A wood floor would be a plus for a classic look because this is a material that’s associated with wealth. In addition, combining it with eye-catching patterned curtains in a neutral color will add to the ambiance.

As for the furniture, try finding pieces that imitate the classic styles of former decades. They’re normally characterized by marble details, wax finishing, and mahogany, walnut or cherry wood.

Light fixtures are also additions to choose carefully – the bigger, the better. Hanging ceiling lamps are very appropriate for a classic living room. Chandeliers work really well as they’re associated with luxury.

Classical Living Room Lighting

As for the textiles, rugs are a decorative resource that is very typical in classic living rooms. In addition to giving the room personality, they also provide warmth.

Using velvet on sofas, curtains, pillows or throws in light colors, or combined with intense shades such as burgundy or dark green, will give you an even more classic air.

The classic style is coming back. You can find ways to combine it with a modern or minimalist style. What matters is knowing how to combine the elements and different textures without sacrificing harmony.