Metal Cabinets for Your Treasured Belongings

In our post today, learn about the different kinds of metal lockers you can use to store or showcase your most treasured objects or collections.
Metal Cabinets for Your Treasured Belongings

Last update: 10 August, 2019

Cabinets feature different compartments to store your home items in. Aside from storing your most treasured belongings, cabinets can also showcase objects and decorate your home. You can find cabinets in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and materials. In our post today, we want to focus on metal cabinets and the different styles and material combinations that you can find them in.

For the most part, cabinets usually go in living rooms or entrances. Depending on how much space you have at home and the size of your cabinet, you will be able to store certain kinds of objects. Let’s look at some examples of metal cabinets that you can use in your home.

Metal cabinet styles

Metal is a cold and resistant material. It can come in different colors and finishes. You can find iron, aluminum and bright or opaque colors. Or, there are also dark grays, blacks, and bright white. Metal cabinets come in an immense variety.

In addition, you can also find cabinets of all heights and sizes. Or, you can even make your own to suit your needs.

metal cabinet styles

Cabinets are perfect for showcasing precious keepsakes— or simply storing them. They’re very practical for homes that are full of objects. Cabinets can be vertical, horizontal, tall, short and might feature opening or sliding doors. Let’s look at some styles to consider below.

Entirely metal cabinets

Cabinets that are completely metal– that is to say, the frame, shelves, and doors are all metal– can look beautiful in your home decor. They look beautiful in industrial-style homes where these kinds of metals and colors really take the show. If you can find a medium-short height vintage cabinet with a weathered finish, don’t think twice about making it yours.

Metal cabinets with glass

Cabinets that use both metal and glass are a popular optionBoth elements are cold, resistant yet delicate and offer interior decor an elegance that’s second-to-none. Browse options that use a metal structure. Many of them have glass shelves and doors or simply just glass doors.

If you go with the metal and glass combination, make sure you go over your priorities. These types of cabinets are generally for showcasing their contents. If you’re not interested in putting everything on display, consider a metal structure with frosted glass instead. With frosted glass, you can still use a glass component and your objects will be hidden from sight.

Horizontal cabinets

Combination metal and glass cabinets come in all kinds of heights and sizes. Low horizontal structures are perfect for displaying a collection. If you collect a certain item such as antique dishware or figurines, they can be a great option for your home.

You can use a low cabinet as an additional surface area as well. But try to keep your valuables hidden inside: you can also install a lock for added safety. Your items will be safe behind a lock and key.

Tall vertical cabinets

metal cabinet tall vertical

Tall, vertical cabinets with plenty of shelves are great if you have a lot of items to place. You can use them to store your valuable antique dishes.

Many people use cabinets to display and protect their most precious items.

Always look for a metal cabinet that fits appropriately in your home. Look for the perfect spot to place it and give it a good clean. You can find all kinds of metal cabinets in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to suit your home!