Has New Technology Killed DVD Players?

DVD players have been in homes for many years. However, nowadays things have changed and there are many technological entertainment options available.
Has New Technology Killed DVD Players?

Last update: 15 October, 2020

Some electronic devices from the past are, well, in the past. The invention of new technological devices has changed. So, it’s time to ask ourselves – what happened to DVD players?

Computers are common as a personal and professional tool. We can do all kinds of tasks with computers: shopping, writing, watching movies, etc. For this reason, they’ve taken the place of DVD and video players.

Socially speaking, computers will always be popular. They’re easy-to-use, efficient, multifunctional, and cheap. On the other hand, devices with limited functions have no chance. This is what has happened to many that were created in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

What functions does a DVD player have?

DVD players were a source of entertainment. You could watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries. This meant buying a DVD and, at one point, you probably had too many DVDs with movies or shows you’ve seen several times.

Nowadays, there are audiovisual platforms. With a monthly subscription, you can watch films and enjoy new productions, stored in the cloud.

It wasn’t easy to carry a DVD player around. You needed a TV to connect it to. Unlike today, where devices to entertain such as computers, tablets, and smartphones are portable.

DVD players were popular in the 2000's.

Some good things about DVD players

DVD players had some good things that were kind of nice. Maybe some people miss them.

  1. First, it was a good medium of entertainment. They gave us time to relax. DVD players substituted VHS players and were a completely different and more advanced device.
  2. Visually speaking, they made homes look modern. They were a symbol of distinction, a new way to understand movies by using a new and innovative device, and something completely different.
  3. You could put it anywhere in the house. Its rectangular shape made it easy to put on a cupboard or a shelf. It was wide, but not very high or deep.
  4. It was easy to handle. The remote was a very important asset. There were also portable DVD players.
A television set now.

The DVD player’s decorative contributions

Nowadays, TVs are the most prominent device in a room. In fact, many models are smart and connect to the Internet. Naturally, something like a DVD player went out of fashion because the new inventions are far more functional.

However, DVD players were almost part of the decoration. They became a focal point, to show its owner’s taste and love for films.

Usually, these players were gray, but there were available in darker colors too. Just like with VHS players, people placed them near the TV set, underneath, in a special space for them.

Now, they are vintage and great in retro decoration.

Do people still use them?

Probably, yes. It’s not uncommon to still see them in a few homes. While they still work, they can still be used.

Although, the younger generations don’t use them. Obviously, new technologies are superior, now homes are smart.

DVD players are an item that’s been around for many years, but not for much longer.

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