Tips for Choosing your Kitchen Blinds

Tips for Choosing your Kitchen Blinds

Last update: 30 December, 2018

The kitchen is one of the rooms we use and share most. It’s a very important space in our homes and one in which light plays an essential role. Among other things, blinds help to control the amount of light coming into the room, but t here are several different factors to keep in mind if you want to choose the perfect kitchen blinds.

In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to decorate the windows in your kitchen.

How to choose your kitchen blinds

When it comes to kitchen blinds, it’s important to remember that the material must be able to withstand frequent washing. So they should be easy to put up and take down.

However, if you don’t do much cooking – because of your work or your lifestyle – you could go for blinds which are beautiful rather than practical. In this case, you could buy more delicate blinds that match the style of the rest of your home.

Obviously, the main purpose of kitchen blinds is to give you privacy from the outside world without impacting the amount of light coming into the room. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t also great decorative items, or that you don’t need to give some thought to the design.

Because, let’s be honest: we all know that the stereotypical kitchen blinds, covered with fruit, teapots, frying pans and gingham check, are not in style any longer. Nowadays, blinds are just like any other decorative element and need to be in harmony with the rest of the decor in your home.


When it comes to choosing the type of fabric for your blinds, you first have to think about where you’re going to hang them. Kitchens are in continual use, and this has an impact on all the items you put in them.

Lots of things can happen in a kitchen, so you need a fabric that is resistant and easy to wash, one that can withstand humidity, smoke, steam and – most important of all – a fabric that won’t yellow over time.

You have to choose a fabric you’re comfortable with, and that won’t need washing every two minutes. A fabric that won’t get dirty easily, and whose color won’t fade.

Thanks to its strength and resistance, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics. As well as being easy to wash, it is also a soft and pleasant material. It comes in many different colors, textures, and patterns. It is, without a doubt, one of the best materials you’ll find.

Light fabrics and pastel colors are great for kitchen blinds.

Choosing light, smooth fabrics with a subtle, understated pattern is always a great option. If you want to make life easy for yourself, stay away from thick, heavily patterned fabrics.


The color is essential when it comes to choosing kitchen blinds. The kitchen is a room that needs plenty of light. So, you need to be careful not to do anything to reduce the amount of light coming into the room.

The first thing you need to consider is how often you’ll be using your kitchen and how much time you’ll be spending in it.

Choosing white elements for a kitchen you’ll be spending a lot of time in is a big mistake. Your kitchen blinds will eventually turn yellow with the humidity, food stains and oil splashes.

Unless its a very modern-style kitchen, choosing dark colors is also a bad idea, as it will decrease the amount of light in your kitchen.

We recommend that you choose light or pastel tones. They won’t decrease the light in your room, and also won’t get dirty as easily as white blinds. If you like bolder styles, you could even play around with a patterned fabric, as long as it doesn’t clash with the decor in the rest of the room.

Types of blinds

B linds can be used with any style of kitchen. They’re a really great option if you’re looking for something tasteful and understated.

As well as being practical, they’ll add a really modern touch to your decor. They’re also a more modern and attractive option than curtains, despite the fact that having to dismantle them makes them more difficult to wash. Plus, new designs on the market are making them easier and easier to put up and take down.

Roller blinds

One of the most popular options is the roller blind. Modern, easy to clean, and with a range of colors to choose from, they are the star of the show.

Roller blinds are great kitchen blinds, as you can roll them up to stop them getting dirty.

Plus, they’re also great at regulating the amount of light coming into the room. The biggest advantage of using them in the kitchen is that you can roll them up out of the way to keep them clear of any splashes or stains that might get them dirty.

Roman shades

This type of blind folds horizontally as you raise it. Their distinguishing feature is the ribs that force the blinds to fold up into even layers, forming a neat parcel.

Convenient, and easy to put up and take down to wash, this is one of the most popular blind choices. This type of blind will give your kitchen a modern and industrial-style look.

Tie-up shades

Tie-up shades don’t have horizontal ribbing, allowing them to fall more naturally. They can be tied up with string which you attach to rings sewn to the back of the fabric.

You can then fasten them to velcro strips stuck to the upper part of the window. They’re also really easy to take down if you need to wash them and will add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are made of plastic, aluminum or wooden horizontal slats which can be raised and lowered to allow light into the room and change its direction. These are a great option for kitchens.

It's important to be able to wash kitchen blinds regularly.

Although you might not expect to find them in kitchens, blinds are really in fashion at the moment. Plus, they’ll bring a touch of modernity to your room, and save loads of space.