Renovate Your Kitchen Without Building Work

We're going to give you some useful ideas to renovate your kitchen without having to do any building work, so forget about dust and noise. Getting a new kitchen is easier than you thought.
Renovate Your Kitchen Without Building Work

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If there’s one area of the house that’s conditioned by family needs and customs, it’s the kitchen. We’re sure that you’ve wanted to improve your kitchen and fit it out without any major refurbishment and so we’ll be asking the question: how can we renovate the kitchen without carrying out building work?

There are different areas of the kitchen that are all important. The working and preparation area, the cooking area, the sink area, and the dining area. All these areas need their own space. But, often, the overall space is limited. That’s why you need to carry out a plan of the kitchen layout to make the most of the whole area.

The exact position of where we finally place each area decides how we make the kitchen practical and functional, perfect to work in, but also warm and welcoming. We want it to be an ideal place to eat those dishes that we love so much.

How can we renovate the kitchen without any building work?

Leather drawer handles.
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Let’s look at some ideas to improve your kitchen without the need for building work.

  • Painting the walls. If the kitchen isn’t tiled up to the ceiling, then you can make it look warmer and brighter by painting the walls in a soft ochre or yellow tone. It’s better to use special kitchen paint, which is easily washable.
  • Vinyl walls. Maybe you have a tiled wall that you want to replace in the kitchen work area, either because it’s deteriorated or because you no longer like it. In that case, you could choose to use washable decorative vinyl.
  • Changing the cupboard doors. If the cabinets are standard, then it won’t be difficult to adapt the new doors to the installed units. Another option is to replace the handles.
  • Renewing the floor. Floating parquet is the most practical option, as you can install it without having to move the kitchen units or the floor you already have. Because of its resistance to wear and tear and its easy maintenance, it’s better to choose synthetic material.

More tips for a renovated kitchen

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  • Replace the skirting board. Install practical drawers to store products of little use. Simply remove the skirting board, which in most kitchens can be easily removed, to make it easier to clean the cabinet bottoms.
  • Install a stainless steel plate behind the cooking area, which is the area most exposed to heat and stains. It will allow you to hide the wear and tear on this wall while giving your kitchen a more contemporary look.
  • Update the furniture. If yours is made of wood, then you can give it a new look by simply stripping it, staining it, or painting it. You can also make cushions for the chairs to match the curtains or cover them with washable fabric covers.

More ideas to renovate your kitchen in the dining area

A kitchen bar.
  • Extend the worktop. If you extend the end of the worktop by about 35 cm (14 inches), you’ll create a small bar that will also serve as an extra work surface. If it ends in a curve, you’ll have more room to eat.
  • Use a peninsula. If you use a kitchen peninsula as a bar, then it’s an ideal option if you can do without a couple of base units. To allow two people to eat in opposite each other, then the top of the bar should be about 75 cm (16 inches) wide.
  • Eating at a folding table. A folding table that you can rest on one of the walls of the kitchen will allow you to gain a small eating area by simply unfolding it. Accompany it with folding or stackable chairs that you can store when not in use.
  • Fitting a raised bar. This type of bar fitted to the wall is an ideal solution in narrow kitchens. A width of 35 cm (14 inches) wide and a height of 112 cm (45 inches) is just about right. Choose stools without backrests or armrests so that you can store them under the bar.
  • Choosing a bench. This type of seating is a good solution to gain space. It offers more seating and hardly reduces your available space. If you choose one with an opening lid, then it also becomes a practical chest for storage.


If you haven’t yet decided to renovate your kitchen without any building work, then take a look at what you’d like to change, and you’ll see that the ideas we’ve given you will help you!