Organize your Fruit and Vegetables with Originality

If you're looking for ways to organize your fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, we have some original yet practical ideas that you'll find helpful.
Organize your Fruit and Vegetables with Originality

Last update: 22 February, 2019

Organize your fruit and vegetables to cook and move around the kitchen more easily. Lunch or dinner prep often calls for a lot of multi-tasking. To keep up with the pace, we should keep our fruit and vegetables within arm’s reach.

Drawers, baskets and other accessories play a fundamental role in organizing and separating our food products. Label them if necessary. If you have a small kitchen, our ideas will be a big help.

Organize your fruit and vegetables in wooden crates

Fruit and vegetables are originally transported and sold at markets in wooden crates. These crates have become popular for home decor, furniture and storage options.

Fruit crates can be a very practical and an aesthetically pleasing way to store your fruit and vegetables. They’re easy to find and can hold a lot of weight. Look for crates that are in perfect condition. If needed, sand and paint them your favorite color to match the kitchen. Try to create a helpful set of drawers for a corner in your kitchen.

fruits and vegetables 1

Stack the crates on top of each other

Use 3 or more crates to create a set of drawers. Place them on top of each other and secure them together with a strong glue. We recommend painting them too. You could also add 4 small wheels to the bottom crate, making it easy to move around your kitchen.

Once you’re done building and painting your set of drawers, a great idea is writing down what you’ll store in each drawer. You could use a small chalkboard and chalk, for example.

And that’s that! You’ll have a cute set of drawers to store, organize and separate your fruit and vegetables. If you have enough space in your kitchen or a big pantry, you could create two identical structures. Use one for vegetables and the other for fruit. That way, you can keep your food products even more organized.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are another widely-used resource in kitchens. If you have deep pull-out drawers, try placing a rectangular wicker basket there. They’ll help you organize your vegetables and fruit within your kitchen drawers easily.

Or, if you have a wooden shelving unit in your pantry, organize your fruit and vegetables with different wicker baskets.

fruits and vegetables 2

Make an iron basket

The combination of wood and iron can look lovely in your kitchen. You can make a beautiful storage unit for your fruit by attaching a rustic wood structure onto a wall. On the structure, set up several iron baskets vertically. You can paint the wood or simply leave it as it is. This organizer will give your kitchen an original character while keeping your food products separate.

Another nice idea for iron baskets is using a fabric bag inside of them. The bag will hold your vegetables better and will look lovely.

If you have a bigger budget and want to buy an organizer to separate your fruit and vegetables, you can browse all kinds of designs and materials to suit your preference and kitchen. You can find fixed structures, hanging ones, or ones with wheels for easy moving.

Materials like metal, iron, wicker, and wood will conserve your food products in perfect condition. Try to keep them away from sunlight; look for a dark, cool place to store them. A good storage area will help them last longer, meaning that you’ll throw out less. Organize your fruit and vegetables in an original way.

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