Japanese Knives: The Best Option for Your Kitchen

We'll tell you all about features of Japanese knives and how to choose the right ones for your kitchen.
Japanese Knives: The Best Option for Your Kitchen

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Knives are an essential element of your kitchen. However, you need to take into account the quality and comfort of your utensils when you cook. Therefore, we recommend Japanese knives. Experts recognize these as the best knives for cooking due to the quality of the materials and manufacturing.

These can be great options when choosing knives for your kitchen. Next, w e’ll tell you about their main features, the kind of knives that are available, and the best ones for you.

Japanese knives: the best choice

Japanese knives stand out for their excellence due to the way they are made and the materials used. First, Japanese steel stands out for its quality. Because of this, the techniques, finishes, shapes, and combination of materials are crucial.

Japanese knives are the best option for your kitchen.

Main characteristics

You can find a variety of brands of Japanese knives on the market: different models, shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting these knives for your home, you can take these tips into account when shopping.

  • These knives have an edge on only one side of the metal. This allows for a perfect and neat cut.
  • The different knife blades are specific to the type of food. There are some that are wider, longer, or shorter. Each model is for cutting different foods.
  • They are resistant and therefore, very durable.
  • They use high-quality materials and combine them together beautifully.

When buying Japanese knives for your kitchen, you should take into account their value for money. Research and analyze all the details and see if they fit your needs. Usually, fans of the culinary arts and professional chefs use these types of knives.

Different models, different foods

Japanese knives have different knives for different types of food.

As we mentioned before, there are different types of these knives. Each of them is designed for cutting specific food. While there is a wide variety of models, we’ll show you three that you can purchase to complete your set of kitchen utensils.


The Deba knife has a thick, strong, heavy blade. It is exclusively designed for fish. Therefore, if you cook fish frequently, this knife is a fundamental element for your kitchen.


On the other hand, the Usuba is an outstanding knife for cutting and crushing vegetables. Usuba means “thin leaf” so it’s good for cutting all kinds of vegetables.

Japanese knives are a great option for cooking enthusiasts.


The Santoku is a knife designed to cut all types of food with a long, wide blade. With this model, you can cut red meat, fish, and vegetables. It’s ideal if you don’t want a lot of knives and need to save space in the kitchen.

Therefore, you can choose the model that you like the most and is best suited to help you cook delicious meals. However, you should take into account the edge, the handle, the materials, and where you will store your knives.

Care and storage

Because Japanese knives are expensive, you’ll need to care for and store them carefully. This will prevent them from getting damaged. Therefore, you should wash and dry them carefully after use.

You can also use a special knife holder to organize your knives in your kitchen. This allows you to protect them and store them correctly. In addition, you should periodically sharpen them. You can ask about special sharpeners when you purchase these knives.

As you can see, Japanese knives are fundamental tools in the kitchen. These knives are excellent quality and practical to cut all kinds of food. Get cooking!