Decorating Ideas For a Summer Kitchen

Discover some ideas to create and decorate your summer kitchen. Among these suggestions, we'll share how to use natural light and warm colors.
Decorating Ideas For a Summer Kitchen

Last update: 06 August, 2021

The summer season fills our homes with light and the kitchen is no exception. This is why we’ve prepared some simple and innovative ideas to decorate your summer kitchen. So, it’s time to bring out the color, freshness, and warmth that characterizes this season and renew your kitchen.

Ideas for your summer kitchen

Let’s do it! It’s time to reveal the decorating ideas for your summer kitchen and for you to start executing them yourself. Rest assured that, with just a few details and a few magical touches, your kitchen will look very different and will be in tune with the season.

Plants and flowers

During the long days of summer, there’s more natural light where flowers (and even people) eagerly bloom. Therefore, it’s a great time to display some beautiful plants and flowers in your kitchen.

In addition to contributing in decorative terms, these living elements purify the air, aromatize your space, and can even be used in cooking. This is especially the case with basil, an aromatic, edible plant that blooms beautifully.

Other options are lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, or spearmint. Choose your favorites and the ones you want to decorate your kitchen with this summer. Don’t forget to display these flowers, plants, or herbs on your table or kitchen island. They’ll add a touch of homely warmth to your summer kitchen.

Pictures to set the scene

Having pictures in the kitchen is a practice that not everyone follows, but it’s a good option, especially when you want to create a summer kitchen. This season, invest in prints or paintings with floral or gastronomic themes and try to choose bright and warm colors. You should hang them on a specific wall to create focus.

Another option is using photographs of landscapes, beaches, forests, or mountains. Each image will provide different sensations, so try to choose those that make you feel fresh, joyful and motivated. In essence, choose the pictures that make you feel and think of summer.

Your summer kitchen: create a centerpiece of fresh fruits

Authentic fruits in wicker basket.

With the increase in temperature, you can easily become dehydrated if you don’t consume the appropriate amount of fluids. This is an important aspect to remember and it’s necessary to be attentive. Particularly if you practice any sport or physical activities which require you to hydrate before, during, and after exercise.

Moreover, hydration not only includes the regular intake of water, but also consuming those fruits with a high water content. These include melon, pineapple, apple, pear, or papaya. So, take the opportunity to decorate your table or kitchen island with a centerpiece of fresh fruits.

Change your tableware

Of course, there’s tableware for every occasion and season of the year. Using crockery that contrasts with the colors of your kitchen will give that special touch in summer, as well as bringing joy to each meal. Allow yourself the luxury of showing off your new tableware by storing it in a display cabinet with glass doors.

Among the tableware options you have, opt for flower prints or a single color. Although, whichever style you choose, ensure it’s lively and cheerful.

Your summer kitchen: take advantage of natural light

Take advantage of natural light to refresh the kitchen.

The last of our ideas for decorating your summer kitchen has to do with the use of natural light. In summer the sun illuminates your home with great intensity and, in the afternoons particularly, it generates a special and beautiful yellow hue.

If your kitchen has windows, open them to allow the air to circulate and flashes of natural light to enhance the decorative details in your kitchen.

Go ahead and decorate your summer kitchen with these ideas!

Go ahead and implement these summer kitchen ideas and realize how, in a simple, yet practical way, you can create a different and special place. Just perfect for one of the most anticipated seasons of the year.

Remember that it’s the small details that make the difference, so focus on warm colors such as yellow, orange or ocher.

Although the priority will always be to decorate your home with the colors that you like the most, bright and happy tones will ensure that you can fully enjoy your summer kitchen to the max.

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