4 Ideas for a Full Kitchen Remodel

Keep reading to find some ideas to use for your kitchen remodel.
4 Ideas for a Full Kitchen Remodel

Last update: 13 October, 2018

If you’re thinking about totally remodeling your kitchen, it’d be pretty normal for you to have no idea where to start. Before panic strikes, we’ll give you several ideas so that you can decide how you want your new kitchen to look.

The ideas for a total kitchen remodel that we talk about here will depend on your budget and the size of your kitchen. We’re sure that we have a solution for you and the needs of your kitchen. We don’t want to make you wait any longer, so let’s get started.

Cement kitchen

Cement is a material that’s becoming increasingly popular. You can use it in any part of the house as it’s very easy to layer onto any material other than wood. Another advantage to cement is that you won’t have to tear any old materials down. The person applying it will do so by simply putting it on in multiple layers over whatever you want to cover.

cement kitchen

This material is especially great for a kitchen remodel because it’s waterproof and stain resistant. Therefore, it’s very hygienic when it comes to cooking and cleaning. You’ll have to decide where you want to apply it. Maybe you only want to use it to cover the walls and pillars. You can also use it to cover floors or counter tops.

This versatile material gives a sense of continuity when applied to walls and floors at the same time.

You won’t have to think about whether or not cement will match with the rest of your kitchen. Cement is available in a wide range of colors, so we have no doubt that you’ll find the perfect color for your kitchen. The most common colors are gray, earth tones, and white.

The price of cement varies depending on the thickness you’re aiming for. Broadly speaking, cement ranges between 40 euros and 100 euros per square meter. Take into account its resistance and longevity. Cement would make a great material to incorporate when remodeling your kitchen.

Vinyl flooring

Until a few years ago, you would only see vinyl floors in homes with less economic resources. People saw it as shabby, and it was as if people installed because they couldn’t afford tiles on their floors.

Vinyl has changed significantly in the past few years. You can now see it in all types of homes. Its finish and resistance is much better than it used to be, and it’s therefore gained a lot of public attention recently.

vinyl floor

The main advantages of a vinyl floor are as follows: 

  • Installs easily. There’s no need for you to remove your current kitchen floor. With vinyl, all you have to do is place it on top, which makes installation super easy.
  • Wide variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl is a material that offers many possibilities in terms of colors. You’ll find very classic prints as well as daring, unique prints.
  • Easy cleaning. When you need to clean your vinyl floors, all you have to do is use a wet cloth or a mop, and the stains will disappear.
  • Variety of prices. Whatever your budget, there’s sure to be a style of vinyl that fits your budget.

Kitchen islands

kitchen island remodel

If you have a large kitchen, installing an island is something you should think about. You can make the most of your space and the cooking process will become so much easier. Kitchen islands come in many designs, and you should spend some time looking for the one you like best. Some of those styles are the following:

  • Kitchen island with stools. This island serves as a counter top and also has several stools so you can sit and eat. On one hand, it is a typical kitchen table. On the other, it allows you to store kitchen utensils in its large drawers in the lower part of the island.
  • Kitchen island with a stove and oven. Between our stove, microwave, and other kitchen appliances, we quickly run out of room on our counter tops. In order to avoid this, we can install an island and place the stove there. This will leave the counter tops with more space for food prep.

Full kitchen remodel: tiles

Tiles are an example of a fashion that’s coming back. You can place tiles throughout your kitchen or just in front of the counter tops. They’re a good option, because in addition to being beautiful decorations, you can clean them easily. Kitchens are a place in the house where it’s inevitable for grease to accumulate and for the walls to stain easily. Therefore, installing tiles is a great idea.

kitchen remodel with tile

You can find kitchen tiles in different colors and finishes. You can combine different types and make borders with them.

We hope you found some inspiration from this article so you can take a few steps forward in your dream kitchen remodel.