Renovate Your Home This Summer: There's No Better Season!

If you decide to renovate your home this summer, you'll enjoy several seasonal benefits. Among them are the reduction in material prices and the availability of qualified tradespeople.
Renovate Your Home This Summer: There's No Better Season!

Last update: 17 August, 2021

Summer is the perfect time to renovate your home. Most people are on vacation so they’ll have time to complete or supervise the renovations, without any major problems. In addition, the paint dries faster and there’s no fear that rain could damage or delay any works. In this article, we’re going to tell you why you should renovate your home this summer.

We’ll give you some ideas for your renovations too! Continue reading to motivate yourself and make the decision to start these works as soon as possible.

Renovate your home this summer: advantages

There are special advantages in this season.

We’ll explain all the advantages of completing your home renovations this summer. After reading them, you’ll feel so inspired and motivated that you’ll finally have the home of your dreams.

  • Ease of cleaning: during and after your home renovation, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience an accumulation of dust and decorating debris. However, at this time of year, cleaning is so much easier and any water that you’ve used to clean will dry quicker too.
  • There’s more ventilation: you can leave your windows and doors open for the paint to dry and reduce any paint fumes with good ventilation.
  • Less humidity: in summer there’s less humidity, which is very useful for certain jobs and to reduce the time of some finishes.
  • More time to carry out work: one of the advantages of renovating your home during the summer has to do with the fact that there are more hours of natural light. The longer days extend working hours, which translates into finishing any work faster.
  • You’ll hardly disturb your neighbors: Since most of your neighbors are likely to be out and about on vacation, there’ll be no major disruption that generates a lot of noise or traffic congestion.
  • Competitive prices and more availability: because many people are on vacation during this time, there’s good availability of workers and you can find more affordable materials.

What to renovate in your home this summer?

We’ll explain the areas of your home that you can renovate while taking advantage of the good weather that summer offers. Prioritize the areas that need the most work or make a full investment and restore your entire home.

1. Outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to complete renovations to the exterior of your home, especially renovations involving painting. This, taking into account that fresh air and heat are both required to facilitate rapid drying times. 

You can also take advantage of this time to make repairs to balconies and gardens–something almost impossible to do in other seasons.

2. Renovate your pool

Pool decoration in the garden

For those who have a pool, summer is the best time to carry out maintenance and renovations. Wash the ducts, railings and remove all contaminating components. If you’ve never done this sort of work yourself, be mindful when using chemicals for the water. If you’re unsure, it’s worth hiring a professional to do this for you.

3. Doors and locks

Reinforcing your doors and locks in summer is very important, especially if you’re going on vacation. In this way, you’ll have the certainty of knowing that your home remains secure while it remains uninhabited.

Remember to also check the security of your windows and accessible areas that could put your home and its contents in danger.

4. Blinds and air conditioning

The areas we always forget to clean

Another element of your home that you can refurbish this summer is your blinds. Clean them, change them if necessary and evaluate the possibility of installing insulation systems to control interior temperatures.

In fact, speaking of temperature control, take the time to maintain your air conditioner. Clean it and check it, in order to prevent energy leaks.

Will you renovate your home this summer?

There are multiple advantages of renovating your home this summer. You’ll find more competitive prices, workers with availability, you’ll reduce the time it takes and prevent problems with your neighbors.

Among the areas that you should review and renovate are your home exteriors. Summer is the perfect season to repaint your walls or make any necessary adjustments.

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