Broken Blinds - Eight Steps to Fix Them

Blinds are great because they protect us from the sun and give privacy. However, broken blinds are a huge pain because they'll stop working if not in top shape. 
Broken Blinds - Eight Steps to Fix Them

Last update: 01 November, 2019

Blinds are necessary to keep sunlight out or for privacy when your lights are on at night. Unfortunately, many of us often end up with broken blinds because we use them every day. It’s for this reason that everyone must learn how to maintain them.

So, in today’s article, we’re going to give you the steps to fix your damaged blinds. That way you won’t need to hire anyone to do it for you.

Broken blinds dilemma – to repair or replace

This is a very common dilemma because, on the one hand, we believe they’re entirely broken. But, on the other, we’re convinced that we’ll damage them further if we do try to repair them. So, you have to evaluate the damage and if they still have what it takes to fix them and leave them in top shape.

What most of us definitely agree on is that blinds are necessary (although lately, they’ve haven’t been included so much in new constructions). Blinds give us more privacy and security because they keep people from viewing our lives. Also, they allow us to sleep later during the weekends by keeping the morning light out.

They do so much for us and we mistreat them and don’t take care of them as we should. For instance, we raise them and lower them at least twice a day, and sometimes we’re even abrupt and careless with them. Then, when they finally break, we believe that repairing them will be really expensive.

So what should we do then? Should we continue to treat them badly and just wait until they entirely collapse and we can repair them no more.

The thing is, blinds do pose a lot of problems such as:

  • they get stuck in a position and you can’t move them up or down
  • they won’t stay in the position you left them in and go down on their own
  • the tape wears off and the slats fall apart

In any case, it’s always better to try to repair something than to throw it in the trash and buy a new one.

Steps to fixing your broken blinds

Generally, damaged blinds not only cease to fulfill their functions but also become an eyesore. This is because we use them daily. As you can see, you can’t afford not to repair them. Amazingly, it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money to have an expert fix them –at least not for now. So, pay attention to these steps on how to fix them yourself:

1. Analyze

A man showing off.

The first thing you must do is evaluate the blind and identify the problem.

2. Remove the cover

A person removing a board.

First, you’ll have to open the cover that conceals the blind whether you’re dealing with a superficial repair or a more hefty one. This is so you can take a look at the source of the problem. Keep in mind that you’ll need bright light to be able to look inside of it as it’s probably full of dust.

3. Remove the cloth tape off your broken blinds

The next step to fix your damaged blinds is to remove the old cloth tape that’s holding it. Of course, take this opportunity to clean the interior. Dirt could be the reason for the malfunction of the mechanism.

4. Remove any broken slats

This is the most complicated part because you will need a large table to place the blind on and work on it. Don’t forget to disassemble the tilt mechanism to check the condition of the tilt cord and the level of the axis (if the latter is out of position then the blind will get stuck when trying to turn it).

5. Analyze each piece

A blind taken apart.

Now that you’ve disassembled it, it’s time to look at it carefully to find out what’s going on with each part. If any of them are either damaged or dirty you should repair or clean them.

6. Replacing a damaged slat

Slats are the various boards that make up the blind (the visible parts). Don’t think it an impossible task if you have to change any of them. All you have to do is carefully remove it by pulling it out. Then, you can either fix it with tape or glue and take it to the store to buy a replacement.

7. Replace the cloth tape

A set of tapes.

If the tape is the problem because it’s either damaged or torn then take off the old one and replace it with a new one. All you have to do to set it in place is anchor it in the same way it was.

8. Mount the blind

Fixing broken blinds.

Once you’ve made sure your broken blind is working and properly repaired, you can put it back where it belongs. Make sure it works properly before you put back the cover.

As you can see, repairing damaged blinds isn’t too complicated a task. You can do it yourself without spending more money than you have to in replacement materials.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve found this article useful.

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