What Kind of Curtains Are Best in a Small House?

If you don't know what kind of curtains you should get if you live in a small house, check out these tips. They’ll answer all your questions!
What Kind of Curtains Are Best in a Small House?

Last update: 30 January, 2021

If you live in a small house, the choice of each decoration, ornament, or piece of furniture takes on more importance. It can make a room feel airier, let the light in and create a sense of spaciousness. One of the factors that make a difference to this is your windows and it’s worth learning about what kind of curtains you should get if you have a small house.

Blinds or curtains, short or long, printed or plain, the type of fabric… Wow! There are so many options that it’s easy to feel a little lost. Don’t worry, we’ll help you find the answers so you can enjoy a bright and beautiful home.

The importance of curtains if you have a small house

Curtains control how light enters.

Curtains and blinds, as well as being part of your home’s decoration, also help control how light enters a room. And of course, they guard the privacy of your home. You’ve surely noticed how much a room changes with or without them; they’re essential when it comes to providing warmth.

Also, they play a key role as thermal insulators and are a barrier against street noise. In the case of small houses, their role is even more prominent.

The perfect curtain for every window

If you’re choosing curtains for a small space, you should consider not only the size of the room but also the type of windows it has.

For example, if you have a balcony, long double curtains are the most suitable, since they don’t block the exit as a blind might. On the other hand, blinds go well with windows that can be opened. Also, if you put a piece of furniture such as a dresser under the window, you can make better use of the space.

The charm of blinds

Blinds for small spaces.

If you’re caught between blinds and curtains, check out the link which will answer some of your questions. However, keep in mind that blinds can be very practical in small houses. Because they roll up and down and require so little space, the space you gain can make a real difference.

A good option that you may be familiar with is roller blinds. These are made of PVC or fiberglass and provide a more modern aesthetic. One of their advantages is that they fit tight to the window, so you can make the most of your space. You can find them in many colors and with different thicknesses, depending on how opaque or transparent you want them.

You can have curtains even if you have a small house

If you’re more of a fan of curtains, you don’t have to sacrifice them just because your house is small. Keep in mind that you need a few extra inches beyond the sides of the windows to be able to open them fully.

Another tip is to use lightweight fabrics such as muslin, tulle, organza, and the like. These make the room seem lighter. Natural fabrics never fail and will let the light through to illuminate the space. Try to choose a fabric with a more open weave, as closed weave curtains darken interiors.

If you do opt for curtains, another trick to optimize the space is to install the rail near the ceiling. 

Plain or printed curtains in small houses?

Clear, neutral colors capture light better and make spaces seem roomier. Choose whites, pearl grays, or natural earth tones. Pastel shades such as pinks or greens can also look great.

As for curtains with prints… be careful. Stay away from designs that are too big and flashy. Choose small, subtle prints that add texture but don’t draw too much attention. Check out the many options at IKEA.

To sum up – opt for light colors, light materials and be sure to choose the kind of curtain or blind that matches the window. Happy shopping!

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