Use Clay Objects in Your Home Decor

If you want to give your home a rustic and original touch, objects made from clay can give it just that traditional, country flavor you're looking for.
Use Clay Objects in Your Home Decor

Last update: 20 March, 2019

Clay objects have a lot to give in decor circles. They come in many different shapes, and in the majority of cases, also carry out a useful function at the same time as serving as a decoration.

And the thing is, without any doubt, clay has certainly been one of those materials that have been used by humans throughout history. It’s a typical item in many civilizations that is always present in both museums and souvenir shops.

As clay objects have formed part of rural environments for many years, they link with rustic, country decor and other similar styles.

However, today you won’t just find clay items fitted for country life. They have been incorporated in many different styles, from minimalism to wabi-sabi, and even in Japandi.

The simpleness of their appearance helps to achieve a warm and cozy decor. So, if you want to maximize a homey feeling in your house, don’t hesitate to include them in a few corners around the place.

Clay objects: a precious rustic resource

Clay is a very versatile material that can be made into all sorts of objects

Without a doubt, clay is closely related to a rustic style. It reminds you of a countrified world where manual work comes first. This is because clay itself is a natural product.

Its plasticity allows it to be worked in different forms. It’s malleable and can be made into all different kinds of shapes. Once it dries and is fired, it hardens and is very durable; in fact, you can even paint it to enhance its beauty even further.

Any shape you can think of can be made out of clay. Its appearance is very natural, peaceful and linked to the country as if it had sprouted from the very earth.

Clay has a very clear association with art and tradition of the common people.

The most common clay objects

1. Clay cooking pots

Clay cooking pots can be decorated or carved to add a beautiful touch to the kitchen

Since ancient times, clay pots have been used to cook food over an open fire. This material is very resistant to high temperatures and allows you to make really exquisite dishes. However, clay cooking pots can also add a decorative aspect to the home:

  • The first thing that they offer is a reminder of their primary function: home cooked meals. However, this can change somewhat to become primarily a decorative item.
  • Clay cooking pots can include beautiful carvings on the outside, with pictures, lines or different shapes.
  • You can also use them to give a somewhat antique appearance to a room since some pots have slightly cracked painting or a wearing down of the clay. Some parts can appear more worn, which shows they have been used for years and years. It can make you feel a close connection with history.

2. Earthenware bowls and ashtrays

Ashtrays and earthenware bowls can be decorative and useful items for the home

Of course, among the must-have clay objects, we find earthenware bowls and ashtrays. These have had a very widespread usage throughout the 19th century. Without a doubt, these items carry out a decorative function, but also a useful one.

  • Clay bowls can be decorated with paintings and/or carvings. Or, one interesting alternative is to leave the very color of the clay in sight; you don’t necessarily have to hide it. You could even paint these in a glazed ceramic style to let the natural color of the clay show through.
  • Ashtrays have a similar function to earthenware bowls. They are very common since they are so practical, and are a typical item in many houses. You can use them in the living room or in the kitchen.

The most typical clay objects are those that are circular in shape.

3. Cups and vases

Clay objects such as cups with the natural color of clay are an excellent choice for the kitchen

Do you want to give an original touch to your kitchen and surprise your guests with a different kind of crockery than what you normally see in houses? Clay cups and vases can really add an interesting detail.

  • The cups can be very simple, with just a handle and showing the natural color of the clay. The very simpleness of these items is a wonderful decorative resource.
  • What about vases? They can have a similar appearance to cups. Having said that, they can also be more decorative, with paintings on the inside or outside or simply have the base or the outside in one color. However, it’s more interesting if you can at least see part of the color of the clay itself.

4. Pots for the garden

Terracotta pots are a great option for indoor and outdoor pot plants

When it comes to finding a place for your indoor plants, clay objects such as terracotta pots are an excellent option. Why? Because they don’t deteriorate with moisture, and generally come in large sizes, suitable for bigger plants and even small trees. Of course, it all depends on the type of container you use.

You can plant any kind of plant in a clay pot, jug, bowl or other similar containers. Having said that, make sure that the bottom of the pot has some holes so excess water can run out. You don’t want your plants rotting.

Don’t forget that you can always decorate clay objects however you like. With paint or without, with carvings or other decorative items attached, you can create completely personalized patterns on your clay objects to decorate your home.


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