Tricks to Eliminate Six Types of Insects From Your Home

Identify the insects that bother you the most at home and follow these tricks to eliminate them.
Tricks to Eliminate Six Types of Insects From Your Home

Last update: 02 August, 2022

There are a series of homemade tricks to eliminate six types of insects from your home. It’s important to learn what these are, as although these insects are usually harmless, they can be very annoying.

For example, summer mosquitoes prevent us from sleeping, and in some cases, they can even transmit different diseases such as dengue fever.

Other annoying insects are flies that land on our food and on our tables. Not to mention moths, spiders, and ants! If you want to eliminate these from your home, keep reading to discover our tricks and tips.

Why choose homemade options to eliminate six types of insects?

There are countless chemical insecticides on the market that are expensive and do a great deal of damage to the environment. Therefore, the best option to eliminate them is by using homemade products. This option protects the environment and has a positive impact on the pocket.

With the homemade tricks that we gave you, you can eliminate insects such as annoying flies.
With our homemade tricks, you can eliminate insects such as annoying flies.

Homemade tricks to eliminate six types of insects

Now that you know why you should choose homemade tricks to eliminate the insects that bother you, it’s time to know what these tricks are. We’ll tell you more below, keep reading and take careful note!

1. Eliminate fruit flies and gnats

The first of our homemade tricks to eliminate six types of insects focuses on the annoying fruit flies or gnats. Prevent them from entering your home with an apple cider vinegar mix. All you have to do is take a container with a narrow mouth and add this mix until it covers the base of the container.

Then, add a few drops of liquid dish soap and mix them together. Leave this container at a strategic point and see how the fruit flies enter the container, become stuck, and don’t bother you again.

2. Forget about moths

Moths are defenseless insects, but they’re the cause of phobias and fears. They’re usually found in spaces such as the closet and the pantry, among others.

To get rid of them, place a couple of bay leaves on the pantry shelves and inside your closet. You can also put them inside your cabinets and drawers.

3. Homemade tricks to eliminate ants

An army of ants in the kitchen is very common and annoying. To eliminate them from your home, we have two infallible homemade tricks for you to try.

The first is very simple, it consists of spreading lemon juice around your windows and edges of the floor. Not only will this keep them away, but it ensures they won’t return. The second option consists of placing a bowl of cornstarch near the ants. This acts as bait and will trap them in one place so you can then remove them.

4. Lemon: prevent flies from entering your home

Flies are one of the most undesirable insects in the home. They perch everywhere and carry viruses that can be transferred to food.

To prevent them from even entering your home, place a lemon (cut in half) pierced with several cloves. Another option is to hang slices of lemon on your balcony or in your windows, the movement and reflection of light will drive them away.

5. Say goodbye to creepy spiders

Spiders, regardless of their size, are unpleasant and also cause phobias. The cobwebs they leave in their wake are synonymous with dirt and are very uncomfortable.

To eliminate them you can spray a little water with white vinegar in the cracks and corners of your home. You can also spray citrus juice because spiders hate the aroma.

Candles and aromatic plants.
Place plants and scented candles to scare away insects.

6. Drive away mosquitoes while enjoying the delicious fragrance

Mosquitoes bite, make a noise, and carry diseases such as dengue fever. To keep them away, place aromatic plants such as lavender or citronella by your windows.

These aromas are exquisite to our human sense of smell, but they’re intolerable for mosquitoes. Take advantage and use beautiful decorative pots. Complement these aromas with scented candles with the same fragrances.

Which of these homemade tricks will you use to eliminate six types of insects from your home?

As you can see, we’ve shared some homemade tricks that serve to eliminate six different types of insects. Identify the ones that are present in your home and eliminate them in an environmentally friendly way.