Trending Lighting for your Living Room

Discover the lighting trends for your living room! You'll soon fall in love with them.
Trending Lighting for your Living Room

Last update: 26 March, 2022

It seems as if 2022 is already going quickly and for this reason, it’s good to know about trending lighting for your living room. Remember that this is one of the most important rooms in your home where you seek comfort, socialize and relax.

The living room usually provides moments for everything including chatting, watching TV, reading, listening to music, working, or doing homework. All of these activities require a good lighting system that optimizes aspects such as the tone of the walls, the floor, and the ceiling to generate the ideal environment.

The types of lighting you have will make a real difference. It even allows you to have a versatile room just by turning a spotlight on or a lamp off.

Lighting trends for the living room include the use of striking lamps.
Lighting trends for the living room include the use of striking lamps.

Now that you understand the importance of having optimal lighting, it’s time to learn about trending lighting for your living room!

Eye-catching lamps

The first on our list of trending lighting for your living room emphasizes that the time has come for eye-catching lamps. In addition to providing a good range of light, they stand out as a feature in their own right. Although they should be consistent with the decorative style of your home, contribute to your style, and make you feel comfortable.

The great advantage is that stores now sell all types of lamps, in all types of materials, designs, and colors so that you can choose the ones that’ll stand out in your living room. Remember to put them in strategic places where they can really be appreciated.

Although it’s not entirely new, the use of LED light strips is still valid and is gaining more and more popularity. It’s typically the number one option for a modern and stylish look. This is because they’re almost invisible when they’re switched off and when they’re switched on they’re powerful and beautiful.

LED strips have one great advantage and it’s that they can be molded for use on different surfaces with linear or complex shapes. So, if you don’t like ceiling lights, start using LED strip lighting instead. Enjoy all of the options they provide.

Of course, replacing all the lights in your living room can be somewhat expensive, but you’ll have additional benefits such as durability, simplicity, and discretion. Some LED strips have systems that allow you to change the colors of the light by remote control. Moreover, ongoing savings and efficiency from LEDs are well reported.

Floor lamps are still in trend.
Floor lamps are still trending.

These lights are perfect for decorating a stylish and modern living room. In addition to how beautiful they look, they play a good role in terms of the amount of light they provide. They’re ideal for lighting small and large spaces, along with specific sites.

Depending on their height, they help you to illuminate everything in your room. On the other hand, this makes it a warmer, more comfortable place for you, your family, and your guests.

It’s important that, when you make the purchase, you opt for a powerful bulb for your lamp and that it’s an LED type. This way you’ll get more power and enjoy significant savings on your electricity bill.

Lamps made of metal

We finish this section of trending lighting for your living room with metal lamps. This is an option that some people like and others don’t. These lights are usually hung from the ceiling at specific points such as above sofas or, if you have a dining room attached to your living room, above the dining room table.

This is an ideal option to directly illuminate areas such as those we’ve mentioned. Equally to provide your room with a decorative and functional element. They create a lovely contrast with metal table sets and other elements of the same material and they fit well with styles such as industrial.

Now, if you like or prefer materials other than metal, there are similar elements on the market. These are made of copper, wood, and even plastic.

What do you think about these trending lighting ideas for your living room? They’re interesting and varied and you’ll easily find one that fits what you’re looking for!

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