Tips to Save on Heating

Discover how to save on heating costs with a few simple tricks. From changing your bedding to lighting the fire, we'll help you to save more.
Tips to Save on Heating

Last update: 30 March, 2023

As the cost of electricity and gas is still on the rise, we all need to economize and save where we can. Far from advising that you go cold, we want to help you feel comfortable at home, but not at the expense of your bank account. Our tips to save on heating will help you do just this.

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Save on heating: it’s possible!

In recent times, gas and energy prices have suffered a huge increase, affecting the pockets of households globally. Moreover, as we still have a while to go before the warmer weather arrives, we can’t avoid heating our homes and keeping ourselves warm. So that you don’t have to pay out any more than you have to, follow our tips to help you save money on heating.

1. Swap summer textiles for winter ones

One of the tips to save on heating is to change the textiles for warmer ones.
One of the tips to save on heating is to swap summer textiles for winter ones.

The first of our tips to save on heating is to change your summer textiles. For example, you can swap your natural fiber rugs for woolen ones as these will help to insulate the floor.

You can also change your bedding. Combine your duvet with a blanket and flannel sheets. This bedding combination will keep you warm and it means that you can lower the thermostat on your central heating.

When it comes to rooms like your living room, consider changing your cushion covers and incorporating blankets or throws that can keep you warm when you’re relaxing.

2.  Save on heating: use thermal curtains

The second tip that you can follow to save on heating is to swap your usual curtains for thermal ones. The benefit of doing this allows you to reduce heat loss and control drafts. In addition to this, these types of curtains are hard-wearing, so they’ll last you for several winter seasons.

Moreover, most thermal fabrics incorporate several layers, which allows you to take advantage of daylight without sacrificing warmth.

3. Put weatherproof strips on your doors and windows

The third tip prevents cold air leaks through windows and doors. As such, you can put some weatherproof or insulating strips in the spaces or gaps surrounding the frames. This prevents the cold from entering, alongside preventing the heat from escaping.

In addition to preventing the cold from creeping in, these strips also prevent noise and dust from entering, so you’ll enjoy tripling the benefit! These products are cheap and readily available, so you’ll have no problem sourcing what you need.

4. Don’t block your radiators

5 types of radiators for the home
Obstructing the radiators with furniture means they have to work harder and the heat they emit is then distributed inappropriately.
This means that you won’t fully benefit from the heat. Resulting in you either leaving the radiator on for longer or turning up the thermostat, both of which will increase the cost.
Equally, it’s important that you don’t put wet items (for the purposes of drying them) on top of radiators. By doing this, you’ll increase the humidity inside your home and this is counterproductive. 

5. Have your heating on a timer

Instead of turning the heating off and on as you need it, we recommend programming your boiler so that the room temperature remains constant. The reason behind this is that switching the heating on and off gradually increases the expense. As the rooms cool, they’ll take longer to heat again.

Also, schedule your heating for when you’re not home. Ideally, it should turn on automatically an hour before you return home, so your home will be warm on arrival. At the end of the month, you’ll notice the benefits of doing this on your bill.

6. Light the fire to save on heating

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood fire in your home, then use it to save money on central heating. Although turning it on and keeping it on is more complex than simply lighting the boiler, a natural wood-burning fire creates a comforting feeling of intimacy and warmth.

7. Bundle up

The last of our tips to save on heating is to wrap up warm when you’re at home, so you don’t have to turn the radiators on full blast. Put on a coat, long pants, and a jumper. This is an opportunity to take advantage of your favorite winter clothes, especially if it’s too cold to go outside!

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