Tips For Lighting Your Bathroom

Read our tips for lighting your bathroom and enjoy a warm, relaxing, and pleasant room. From lighting the whole room to specific areas, discover the best types of lighting to suit your needs.
Tips For Lighting Your Bathroom

Last update: 11 April, 2023

If you want to upgrade the lighting in your bathroom, we have some useful tips and advice to help you. Discover how to improve your lighting at a general level, alongside making the most out of specific areas. Good lighting in your bathroom is vital if you want to create a pleasant and relaxing room.

A poorly lit bathroom, is in both decorative and functional terms, a disaster for anyone who uses it. Keep reading and start making the most out of this important room.

Follow these tips for lighting your bathroom

Lighting your bathroom correctly isn’t an easy task. Doubts will always surface surrounding where to put your spotlights and which lamp will work better. Moreover, you also need to consider whether to use white or yellow lighting and the types of lightbulbs that are best suited to your needs.

In light of all of this and to make decision-making easier, keep reading and discover our tips and advice.

1. Choose the right bulbs

When it comes to lighting your bathroom, the first piece of advice we’ll give you surrounds the types of light bulbs you should use. Let’s start by telling you about LED lighting.

This type of bulb is an excellent choice for a bathroom because LED helps you save money on your electricity bill and it has a reasonably long life. Equally, you should check that the LED you use is a neutral white color, with a color rendering index of 90 or more. It should also have a degree of protection against humidity, between IP65 and IP44.

2. Lighting your bathroom: temperature

The ideal temperature for bathroom lighting depends a lot on the specific space and the decorative intentions you have. For example, warm light is ideal for general, ambient, or cosmetic lighting, while neutral or white light goes very well above the sink area, as it favors visual clarity.

3. General lighting

General lighting is very important, as it makes the bathroom more spacious.

When it comes to the general lighting in your bathroom, you need to place the focus on the ceiling, from where the light can spread evenly. As such, you can opt for recessed spotlights or flat ceiling lights. The number you need will depend on the size of your bathroom and the need for artificial light.

These types of spotlights make your bathroom look neat and spacious. One more thing before moving on to the next tip, make sure that the spotlights you choose are adjustable. This offers more flexibility and greater comfort.

4. Lighting around the sink area

The area surrounding the bathroom sink has mirrors and dressers where you may store makeup and skin care products. As such, it’s necessary to have adequate lighting so you can see what you’re doing.

In light of this, the light must be uniform. Imagine putting on your makeup in the bathroom and when you go outside, you look totally different from how you expected to look! Always choose light fixtures on each side of the mirror so that the light is equal. The other available options are to install a strip light in the mirror or install some recessed ceiling lights that shine directly onto the mirror.

5. Lighting your bathroom: the shower

As with the sink area, the shower, or bathtub, gives you several lighting options. Built-in waterproof LED wall lights work well, as do LED strips placed on the ceiling or wall. In any case, and for your safety, keep in mind that the bulbs must be low voltage or DC12v.

If your bathroom is small, one general, overhead light will suffice but don’t rule out having decorative wall lights too.

With these tips for lighting your bathroom, you will know how to better enjoy this space.
With these tips for lighting your bathroom, you’ll be able to enjoy this room a lot more.

6. Natural lighting for your bathroom

If you’re lucky enough to have sources of natural light in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. In fact, if you do have a window, don’t forget to open it regularly.  

In addition to providing the bathroom with light, opening the window will keep the room ventilated and prevent humidity. If you have neighbors, opt for mirrored or beveled windows to maintain your privacy.