Tips for Cleaning Your Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are notoriously tricky to clean. However, with our tips, you'll be able to keep your blinds sparkling and make light work of cleaning!
Tips for Cleaning Your Venetian Blinds

Last update: 25 October, 2022

If you have Venetian blinds at home, it’s a good idea to know how to clean them. Notoriously tricky to clean, our tips will make cleaning Venetian blinds easier than you thought.

Equally, by following our tips and cleaning them regularly, you’ll keep your blinds looking like new.

Basic cleaning tips for Venetian blinds

Below, we’ll explain some very simple tips for cleaning Venetian blinds. We’ll cover the basic cleaning requirement for this type of blind, to the most complex. So no matter how dirty and dusty your Venetian blinds are, we’ll help you to get them sparkling!

The trick here is to be consistent with cleaning. This is because the slats that make up these blinds are an ideal place for dust to gather and collect. So regular cleaning is paramount as when dust accumulates over time, it’ll take more work and be harder to get rid of it. Although not impossible, as you’ll see.

Manual or electric blinds
After applying these tips for cleaning Venetian blinds, they’ll be as good as new.

1. Regular cleaning: Venetian blinds

As we mentioned before, the first of our tips for cleaning Venetian blinds is surrounding regular cleaning. To make it easier use a duster. This will fit into all the corners and it won’t take you more than ten minutes.

It’s important to make it clear that regular cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean every day. You can carry out this process once or twice a week, which will be enough to prevent dust from settling. Another cleaning option is using a vacuum cleaner that has a special nozzle attachment or by using a special pad for this type of surface.

In any case, you must be very careful and avoid damaging the delicate slats.

2. Do a deep clean

The second tip for cleaning Venetian blinds involves giving them a thorough clean and this is ideal for blinds that haven’t been cleaned in a while. To perform this task you’ll need a liquid soap.

You can prepare this product yourself with water and a few drops of detergent or liquid laundry soap. This mixture works best on plastic and PVC Venetian blinds. If you have wooden ones, it’s better to buy a special cleaning product for them.

Before you start to clean, we recommend that you use protection for the floor since the product may splash and drip while you’re cleaning. After spraying the product directly onto the blinds, use a special cloth or sponge to remove the dirt. Then, rinse with a clean cloth to give a better finish.

3. Tips for cleaning Venetian blinds that are extremely dirty

We finish these tips for cleaning Venetian blinds with some specific guidelines for blinds that require urgent attention. Usually, these blinds are the ones you have in the kitchen, where the dust mixes with fat and moisture, creating a sticky film that’s very difficult to remove.

You may also use this method if your Venetian blinds are in poor condition or have been neglected for a long time. Either way, you don’t need to get rid of them! With a little bit of effort, you can save them. Below, you’ll find the step-by-step tricks!

We present the different styles of blinds.
Cleaning Venetian blinds with these tips is much easier.


  • If your Venetian blinds are made of plastic or PVC, you need to take them down and soak them in a bathtub with soap and hot water. Leave them to soak for a few hours, then scrub them with a soft sponge or cloth.
  • After removing all the dirt, empty the bathtub and start rinsing them with clean water. If you do this during the summer, hang them in the sun to let them dry naturally. If it’s winter, use a dry cloth to make drying them easier.
  • In the event that you don’t have a bathtub, but do have a garden or terrace, extend the blind on a surface and clean it with a pressure hose. Then repeat the other steps: scrub, rinse and dry.

Are you ready to apply our tips for cleaning Venetian blinds?

We’ve shared three very simple tips for cleaning Venetian blinds. So whether yours are just dusty, dirty, or really dirty and neglected, you can easily get them to sparkle again. 

Cleaning them regularly will save you money because by taking care of them, you won’t have to buy new ones. Just remember to maintain basic cleaning!

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