The Perfect Renovation Exists - And It Can Be Done!

Are you wanting to change something in your house but aren't sure where to start? Look no further! In this article you'll find some tips for a stress free renovation project. Because the perfect renovation does exist.
The Perfect Renovation Exists - And It Can Be Done!

Last update: 22 July, 2019

You can probably think of quite a few renovation projects you’d like to do around the house. But just thinking about everything that’s involved in a renovation can make your hair stand on end. You might want to give up even before you begin. What do you think? Could the perfect renovation exist?

The perfect renovation isn’t just a daydream. Of course, some things may go wrong. However, if you stick to a list and follow the suggestions that you’ll find below, you’ll be able to achieve it!

You probably already know that the size of the renovation project has little to do with the potential chaos it can cause. For instance, you might change the flooring in your entire house, or even put up a couple of new walls, and everything runs smoothly. But a simple thing like a new laundry sink could bring a real headache with it.

So then, what is the key to achieving the perfect renovation? A renovation should fulfill your needs, should stick to your budget and should be finished on time. How can you achieve it? Let’s find out more!

The perfect renovation in 7 steps

1. Exhaustive planning

Plan everything down to the last detail

Planning everything down to the last inch is the first suggestion to be able to achieve the perfect renovation. First, analyze your house. See it from different angles and work out exactly what you want to accomplish with the changes.

Think about the needs you have to address, what walls you should knock down, and how you would and wouldn’t like it to turn out. All of that is important.

2. Trust in a professional for the perfect renovation

Use a professional to get the best results

An interior designer’s input can be very valuable on renovation projects. It’s always better to use a professional where possible. An interior designer can help you to think of possibilities, time frames, and ideas that would never have occurred to you, and can even contribute to the decor of your home.

Also, when it’s time to get started on the actual labor, these professionals usually have a few good contacts of builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. They can recommend someone who will do a good job so that everything will be done well and you can stick to your budget and time frame. This will help you to avoid a lot of problems.

3. Think long term

You should think long term when planning renovations

When planning your renovation, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Think about installing items that will help you to save money and energy when you use them.

For instance, what about a toilet with a water-saving double flush system? Or how about a faucet that includes water-saving measures such as aerating? You could also install items such as double glazed windows, which will save you money on heating and cooling later down the track.

Another point for consideration. You should also make sure the renovation you’re doing now won’t just cover your current needs. Plan for larger closets that will fit everything; think about if your family will be growing, etc. An important aspect of the perfect renovation is that you won’t have to do the same thing again in a few short years’ time.

4. Make sure you stick to the law

A detailed plan of a garden with a swimming pool

There are usually certain Council regulations for renovations, depending on the country or area you live in. It’s better to take these into account beforehand, to avoid fines that could blow your budget.

In the United States, for example, you need to inform the Planning Department of the local Council that you are planning to do renovations on your home. You’ll probably have to give them specific details. There are also specific taxes and charges that you should take into account when planning your project’s budget.

5. Time for action!

For the perfect renovation, research well any construction companies you want to use

As we mentioned above, it’s one thing to have an interior designer on your side, who helps you to plan the project. It’s another to get the people together who will actually be completing the work. You’ll need a construction company, and for that, you should look for advice and information on the internet.

Make sure you check out what other clients think of a company or person before you hire anyone. Social networks are great for this – you can confirm a good (or bad) reputation before committing.

Keep an eye on the fine print. Ask if it comes complete. Confirm if a quote is with or without materials. You’ll want to check all the fine details of the building contract to be able to fairly compare prices. This way, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises at the last minute.

6. Strict punctuality to achieve the perfect renovation

Have a strict schedule and stick to it

To make sure everything runs smoothly, put everything on a calendar and keep it in sight. Set reminders that advise you of the duration of each stage of the labor. Maintain constant communication with the person in charge so that if there’s a delay, you’re already in contact to be able to pressure them.

In case of delays, establish what percentage of the price you will hold back until the work is finished. That’s your most efficient weapon to make sure that everything will be finished on time.

7. The materials are important

Use high quality materials for durability in your perfect renovation

Quality matters. Although choosing high-quality materials can increase the budget, long term you will usually save money because of the durability.

Make a statement for the environment and be a responsible consumer by choosing eco-friendly FSC certified timber, toxin-free paint, and other options. You’ll show respect for the environment and, what’s more, for your health.

Well, you’re now ready to get cracking and achieve that perfect renovation. The house of your dreams is within reach!

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