The Latest Decor Trends for Summer

Are you aware of the latest decor trends for summer?
The Latest Decor Trends for Summer

Last update: 02 July, 2020

Summer’s here. Without a doubt, this season is full of joy and light. There’s a  desire to go outside and let yourself be carried away by the energy of the sun. There’s something else that appears along with summer, though. And it’s the desire for change. That’s why, in this article, we’ll be talking about the latest decor trends for summer. Get inspired!

Japandi – a mix of styles

A living room decorated in japandi style.

Out of all the decor trends for summer, this one’s probably our favorite. It reflects a perfect blend of the simple elegance of Japanese style with the modernity of Scandinavian design. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

It’s a hybrid trend that gives an amazing result – elegant interiors. However, thanks to this style, a room ends up looking much cozier thanks to the color mixture with Nordic clarity.

Curves for summer

A curved lamp in the living room, one of the decor trends for spring.

During the summer, curves grab much more attention than in other seasons. On one hand, you can creatively use them to mark passage areas without the need for doors. On the other, it’s nice to add curved decorative objects to your decor as they’re beautiful and dynamic.

The perfect choice is curved lamps. You can get them both in natural materials and in a tubular shape. By adding this accessory to a room, you’ll immediately realize how spacious they make the whole place feel.

Rounded sofas are in

A green velvet sofa.

Let’s talk about another decor trend for summer that’ll give a whole lot of personality to your home. These are to rounded sofas for the living room. Without a doubt, they make the environment look sophisticated and elegant.

Most often, you’ll find them in a velvet material. This is great because, as we all now, velvet is in throughout the whole year. At this specific time of the year, it reinvents itself in colors such as light blue and lime green.

Let’s be realistic – the best pieces for decoration are those that are also functional. Even better when they have a touch of futurism in them, which makes life easier for us. If you want to find smart furniture, head to IKEA.

Going back to the roots

A desk space decorated with sustainable materials.

As time goes by, people continue to be more and more aware of their surroundings. Climate change, natural disasters, among other environmental issues are important topics. For this reason, interior design has become sustainable and eco-friendly. Consequently, many people buy decor pieces made of natural materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

You’ll notice the way reclaimed wood furniture, natural fibers, organic textiles, and recycled materials are popular in many homes.

Say no to plastic and zero waste

The use of wood is one of the biggest decor trends for spring. In this photo, wooden benches on wooden floors.

In the same line of sustainability, plastic is no longer an option. Environmentalists are inviting everyone to make use of the 3Rs, which stand for recover, recycle, and reuse.

This is more than just one of the latest decor trends for summer. Caring for the planet is a lifestyle everyone should follow. For this reason, let’s give furniture a second chance and change plastic for fabric, wood, bamboo, ceramic, and glass.

An all-black kitchen.

This is quite risqué, but it’s one of the decor trends that is becoming common. We’re talking about giving your kitchen a total black look. This means that not only the furniture will be black, but also the countertops, appliances, sinks, and even taps.

If this seems too modern and you don’t want to go all out, we suggest you add touches through the faucet or decorative elements.

Make the ceiling a statement piece

Ceiling decor has been a thing for a while now. Plenty of magazines and Pinterest boards are full of techniques and tips on how to make your ceiling a statement piece. If you want to hop on this train, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration.

This summer, get ready to see all types of ceilings – colorful, rose-shaped, and even with wooden beams. Undoubtedly, giving your ceiling an original look will give a radical change to the whole space. However, there’s a tip we must give you. Don’t oversaturate the room with decor elements of all kinds. The key to elegance sometimes lies in simplicity – remember that!

Give the summer a warm welcome. Open the doors of your home and renew the decoration.

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