The Favorite Palaces of Queen Elizabeth II

As we mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we pay tribute to her decorative style. This is just one of her legacies that'll live on in her favorite residences.
The Favorite Palaces of Queen Elizabeth II

Last update: 29 September, 2022

The favorite palaces and official residences of Queen Elizabeth II will continue to be an icon of the class, style, and elegance that are synonymous with the British monarchy.

To celebrate her life, we want to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by telling you a little more about her favorite palaces. We’ll take a look at the different decorative styles of the places she called home for over 96 years.

What were the favorite palaces of Queen Elizabeth II?

On the 8th of September 2022 and at the age of 96, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at Balmoral Castle, with her two children, Prince Charles (now King Charles III) and Princess Anne by her side.

The longest-serving monarch in the history of the world, she was on the throne for over 70 years. During this time her style became a hallmark of preserving tradition. The palaces are likened to museums, filled with unique relics, original artifacts, and high-value objects.

Next, we’re going to describe the decorative aspects that made these palaces and official residences, Lilibeth’s favorites.

1. Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace was the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Located in London, it was there that she entertained the world’s most famous and prestigious political leaders. Over the years, thousands of galas and official receptions were held in this iconic palace. But arguably, the main focus is the balcony, because from here, the royal family greets the crowds of public well-wishers and spectators.

The palace has 775 rooms, 188 service bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 royal suites, and 19 rooms dedicated to state affairs. Among all of these spaces, the Queen’s favorite room is 1844, where she received her most special guests.

Now one of the most iconic rooms here is the throne room. Decorated in red, a traditional shade of royalty, this room will remain in the memories of the whole world. This neoclassical palace was redecorated in the 20th century in a belle époque style characterized by golden elements with fireplaces and warm rugs.

2. Windsor Castle

At 54,835 square meters, Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited palace in the world. Queen Elizabeth II spent most of her weekends and vacations there. Bearing in mind that it’s close to London, this location allowed her to attend to her affairs.

The Queen also received high-profile guests and official visits to this incredible castle. Its rooms are huge with white walls and mustard-colored trim. In the main room, there are several old photographs and paintings and in the background, a fireplace and a mirror stand out for their vintage style.

In another of the rooms, the neoclassical style reigns, with portraits of kings and the historical figures of Great Britain. Its walls and ceilings are covered with coats of arms from Great Britain, alongside the independent states of the Commonwealth.

3. Balmoral Castle: the official summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II

The decorative style of Balmoral Palace is famous throughout the world.
The decorative style of Balmoral Castle is famous throughout the world.

Situated on 50,000 hectares of land, Balmoral Castle was the Queen’s official summer residence. The last resting place before she died, Balmoral Castle was the monarch’s favorite place. In fact, just two days before she died, it was here that she welcomed the new British Prime Minister, Elizabeth Truss.

The meeting took place in the Royal Drawing Room, which has an imposing and beautiful fireplace. Above it, hangs a mirror that projects the light that enters through a large window with green curtains.

Furthermore, the royal residence has a neoclassical prevailing style with seven bedrooms, and a large library complete with a British print sofa.

4. Sandringham House

Sandringham House was also one of the Queen’s favorite homes. Moreover, it was here where she celebrated Christmas with her family each year, 112 miles from London.

This residence stands out for its closeness to nature, surrounded by trees and gardens. Equally, it has about 10,000 hectares of land and has important connotations for the entire royal family. Interestingly, it was acquired by King Edward VII in 1862 and has stood as the legacy of his successors.

Undoubtedly, Queen Elizabeth II and her decorative style will be a legacy that’ll continue to live on in her memory.

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