The Different Types of Mosquito Net for Your Home

Do you want to stop mosquitos irritating you? Perhaps it’s time to get some mosquito nets. These are great at stopping not only insects, but also dust and pollen from getting into your home.
The Different Types of Mosquito Net for Your Home

Last update: 20 November, 2020

The arrival of warmer temperatures brings with it the season of insects. If you want to stop them from getting into your home through windows, perhaps it’s time to get a mosquito net. There are several different types and sizes available.

Choosing quality and colorful furniture is not the only way to create a comfortable home. You can also do this by creating a cozy and hygienic environment.

It’s happened to most of us. You leave your lights on and your window open to get a little fresh air, and suddenly your room is full of mosquitos. There’s nothing more irritating than these insects. They can make it impossible to sleep, and so it’s important to find a practical and effective solution to these little bugs.

Mosquito nets for your home and their benefits

Mosquito nets as blinds.

It’s first important to consider that mosquitos can get into your home not only through windows, but also through doors and other openings. There are several nets that will stop them doing this, some of which can be made to measure. As you’ll see, these nets all have benefits.

  1. Obviously, the major benefit of these nets is that they stop flies, mosquitos and other insects. This protects your home and creates a hygienic, comfortable environment.
  2. These nets also stop dust and dirt from getting into your home. They can act as a filter, letting air in but stopping particles, pollen and other contaminants.
  3. Mosquito nets also offer privacy. They act as a separator, allowing light to enter but stopping prying eyes from seeing anything on the other side.

4 types of mosquito net for your home

A dining room with folding doors.

Now that you know the benefits of mosquito nets, it’s also worth knowing which types of net will best suit your windows. Here are 4 types commonly used:

  1. Firstly, there are fixed nets that you can install on your chosen window, but that can’t be moved. These are usually used on small windows in storage units, garages, pantries and larders.
  2. There are also sliding mosquito screens, which are more common. These nets have small wheels in each of the corners that allow the screen to move sideways in the window frame.
  3. You can also buy mosquito nets as blinds, which easily fold up into a small box at the top of your window. The benefit of these blinds is that they don’t take up a lot of space and so they work well in a bedroom, living room or in kitchen windows.
  4. Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning pleated nets, which are slightly more difficult to find. These nets fold into themselves like an accordion. They’re ideal for doorways and bigger windows that look onto your garden, for example.

Mosquito net materials

A mosquito net.

The material you use for your mosquito net is an important factor to consider to protect your rooms. Materials made with glass fibers are the most com mon. These are malleable fabrics that are also durable.

Some glass fiber nets are made with a much tighter weave, which makes it much harder for small particles, like pollen, and contaminants to get through. Breathing clean air that is free of pollutants is obviously very beneficial to our health, so it’s worth considering this type of net for your home.

Fabrics made with metal fibers are also very effective and much more durable, but a little more expensive. They are strong, can withstand adverse weather conditions, and don’t mind being hit or knocked.

It’s worth considering the different materials available for mosquito nets and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Magnetic mosquito nets: innovative and efficient

A magnetic mosquito net.

Magnetic mosquito nets are easy to put up and are known for being very lightweight. They have magnets or magnetic strips at the edges to help you install them in a frame or bracket. However, they’re not fixed permanently, as you can take them off and put them on again.

You don’t need to use screws with these nets and you can easily adjust them for any type of window or door. They have the appearance of a fine mesh screen, allowing light to enter but for you to still see through them.

To ensure you correctly install your mosquito net, you can place adhesive magnetic strips on your window or door frame and then place your mosquito net on top. These nets even come in different colors, and so they can form part of your home’s decoration.


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