The Best Tricks to Turn Your House Into a Home

Money can buy you a house but can’t buy you a home. Many simple tricks can turn a house into a home that reflects your identity.
The Best Tricks to Turn Your House Into a Home

Last update: 13 May, 2020

We can decorate a house with the best materials, the nicest furniture and with the style that represents us the most. We can also follow all the interior design tricks and use all the tools we have to create wonderful spaces. But this isn’t enough to turn your house into a home.

Personalizing your space requires a certain skill to be able to add those elements which clearly define who you are and to adapt them according to your decoration.

Just like the clothes we wear to define our style, the personal touch we give to a meal we cook, or the special signature when we send a card, your house reflects your personality.

These elements will make your house feel like a home. Only a few essential elements are needed to do this.

There’s a saying reminding us that money can buy you a house but not a home. Today, we are going to show you how to add this magic touch which will instantly turn your house into a home.


decoration books

Few things reflect the personality of the person living in a house like the books they read. If you hadn’t realized that up until now, just think that, in many ways, we are what we read.

The books which have filled our lives are part of us and that’s why it’s so important to give them a place from which they can speak for themselves.

A bookcase, a coffee table, or a bedside table are ideal to showcase your favorite books. Keep your bookcase neat and place a few books that make you feel good on coffee tables.

Don’t forget your kitchen. If you enjoy this space, a nice cooking book collection will be helpful. Sitting down to relax and flicking through your recipes is very inspiring.


family photos

A home without photo memories is a home without a soul. They are a beautiful way of honoring your loved ones and yourself.

Seeing a photo collection around you is a reminder of a life lived to the fullest because sometimes memories can just slip out of our minds.

Look for the right place to arrange them in groups. Side tables in the living room, on top of devices, mixed with books on the bookcase, on bedside tables, or even on a large table placed in a corner that can display your photo collection.

Pay attention when framing them. Photos frames need to match the room design and to be seen as something natural and complementary.

Wooden frames are the most appropriate for travel scenes or group pictures. However, chrome-plated ones are best for photos reminding you of special occasions.

Scents also make your house a home

home scent

Choosing a scent for your home is just like choosing your perfume. Perfumes define the personality of the person wearing them. Some scents make you feel natural, others make you feel good, and some simply smell nice, but they’re all different.

With your home’s scent, it’s the same. It’s a wonderful way of personalizing a room and making it yours. Think of the mood you want the scent to create in each space.

Some rooms are like a retreat, others are driven by creativity. Choosing the appropriate perfume for each room is a work of art worth learning.

The art of turning a house into a home

bedroom golden frames

You don’t need to be a great collector to admire and collect things that make you feel good simply by having them near you. Choosing artwork, decorative accessories, or a frame collection is a way of representing yourself.

You should choose each frame, picture, figure, craft, and decorative object yourself and avoid objects given to you or chosen by someone else. This type of detail makes all the difference when personalizing your house. It shouldn’t reflect the taste of anyone else but you.

Customized initials

customised initials

This skill seems to have been lost in time but today it’s coming back. In the past, towels, pillows, napkins, or even crockery were often designed with initials.

Reviving this nearly forgotten tradition is also a way of regaining your true essence and your heritage. The initials can be embroidered, but there are other easy ways of personalizing your bed, bathroom, and table linen.

This is a great and sophisticated way of adding a distinctive and personal touch to your belongings.