The Best Office Chairs

To make your home office more comfortable, it’s important to choose an office chair that provides sufficient back support and goes well with your interior decoration.
The Best Office Chairs

Last update: 24 July, 2020

There are several ways that you can approach decorating your home office. This post will highlight some of the best office chairs available, as finding the right one is essential for your day-to-day working.

When it comes to choosing your office chair, its design and ergonomics are two very important factors to consider. Despite the amount of time we spend sitting in office chairs every day, often we spend more money on a desk than on a good office chair.

As there’s a wide range of office chairs available, it can be difficult to choose the model that achieves the right balance between comfort and design. To make this decision easier, here are a couple of models and chair features to consider before choosing the chair for you.

The office chair essentials

A leather office chair.

Choosing the right office chair is a very important decision. Spending a lot of time sat in front of a computer can result in muscle stress and injury, but you can avoid this by choosing a comfortable chair. A good chair can also increase your productivity and well being at work.

One essential feature to look for in a good office chair is a back that can be adjusted to the shape of your own back. This will avoid you sitting in the wrong position and developing aches.

Also, you should be able to place your feet flat on the ground when sitting in your chair. Therefore, it’s best to choose a chair that has an adjustable height.

Armrests are another essential feature of a good office chair, as they can decrease the tension in your shoulders. Your armrests should also be adjustable and set at the same height as your desk. The right office chair can have a big impact on your health, depending on which chair you choose.

The best office chairs – Hooker Furniture

The hooker furniture model.

Hooker Furniture office chair /

If you have a classic or traditional-styled office, the “Gavin” could be the chair for you. This model has a unique and elegant design, characterized by its hand-finished leather back and petite arms.

The base comprises swivel and tilt mechanisms that are supported so the chair doesn’t tip. Thanks to its design, the “Gavin” is a very versatile chair that is well suited to different home offices and studies.

The Eames “Time Life” office chair

An image representing the best office chairs.

Time Life office chair /

Designers Charles and Ray Eames have always understood the need to combine comfort and style in practical furniture such as office chairs. They created the “Time Life” desk chair for the Lobby of the Time Life building in New York in 1959. They believed this chair would be a revolutionary design and it is, to this day.

This chair has become a timeless classic. While it reflects the vintage style of the mid-20th century, it also has a modern and sophisticated touch. It’s not only stylish, but it can also adapt to any lumbar posture and provides unparalleled comfort.

The comfortable Herman Miller Aeron chair

The herman miller chair.

Herman Miller Aeron chair /

When the Herman Miller brand launched the original Aeron chair in 1994, it not only created a chair, but also a new model of furniture design. Designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick made the Aeron chair focusing not on the chair’s looks, which they felt were irrelevant, but instead on what the user’s body would need.

This chair is specifically designed for working. Rather than using clean lines like a classic chair, it is shaped to imitate the body. The purpose of this is to achieve maximum comfort.

Another benefit of this chair is that you can personalize it according to your tastes and style. You can choose the color and texture of the upholstery, as well as the color of the frame, which can be graphite, titanium, or polished aluminum.

The Arper Aston executive chair

An image representing the best office chairs.

Arper Aston chair /

The Arper Aston executive chair is an elegant, comfortable design with a dynamic shape. Although it’s typically used as a meeting or boardroom chair, it’s specifically designed to be used in different rooms.

Despite it being designed as an armchair, it’s well suited to both a home and an office environment. It could be the perfect addition to your home office. This chair can also adapt to the shape of every user’s body and the height of any desk.

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