Teach Your Kids How to Keep a Clean House

Here's are some ways to keep a clean house when you have children.
Teach Your Kids How to Keep a Clean House

Last update: 16 August, 2020

If you want to have a clean and orderly house, then your children should learn good habits and take part in household chores.

Family living can be very complicated. If you have children, you’ll have found on more than one occasion that keeping things clean isn’t easy. That’s why it’s a good idea to teach children not to make the house dirty, and to keep it tidy.

It’s very important to have cooperation in the home. The little ones in the home tend to be the ones who create most of the problems. Above all, this refers to cleanliness. And staying in control of the house tends to be difficult, especially in a large family.

We should be conscious of the need to teach children how to clean from an early age. If you don’t teach our children good manners, habits, responsibilities, and good conduct, you’ll be creating problems. We’re talking about the problems of laziness and neglect, two concepts that can spoil our homes.

Teach your children not to make the house dirty – set an example

Broom sweeping up a ball of dust

Parents should be role models for their children so they adopt the manners and behavior of their parents. Because of this, education needs to take place in the home. In other words, it’s the basis that forms an integral part of a child growing up.

To avoid domestic conflicts, there should be a routine. Parents should offer daily ways of working and collaborating in the household chores. It’s difficult sometimes, but don’t force the issue.

During childhood, children should see adults as an example to follow. Parents need to educate by effort and responsibility. This way they’ll raise children who know the importance of taking care of basic things like cleanliness and hygiene in the home.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

-Benjamin Franklin_

4 steps children should learn for a clean house

Mother showing a daughter how to fold laundry to

Before anything else, children need to learn simple steps to acquire responsibility. They should understand the daily need to help with domestic chores. The following are some points about this:

  • Every day, after getting up and having breakfast, it’s good to tidy your child’s room with them. They should feel the need to keep things tidy for personal satisfaction.
  • Each child should be responsible for their private space when they are old enough to be able to take care of it. Only in this way will they learn on their own about the need to look after their room and the wellbeing that it brings.
  • Help them clean so that they learn how to tidy correctly. If they don’t have an example to follow, it’ll be difficult for them. They can learn from a young age each of the daily tasks that their parents carry out.
  • Without a doubt, the fundamental principle of taking care of the domestic environment is cooperation. For instance, everyone helping and participating in the care of the house is something that should be intrinsic in the family. That’s why you should get the children involved in as many chores as you can.

How to teach children to keep a house clean

Family cleaning the house together

Teach your children to keep the house clean if they aren’t aware of the dirt that they create. Often they come in with mud on their sneakers, drop food on the floor, or simply make the furniture dirty by accident. This can be a daily occurrence, especially with children under 12.

To prevent making the house dirty, it’s a good idea for children to learn daily cleaning habits. Also, you can put into place some practical ideas that avoid dirt coming into the house.

One tip is to teach children to use the doormat and take off their shoes before coming into the house. At the same time, you need to teach them to eat food in the kitchen or at the dining table and not in other areas of the house.

It’s also good to have a place to leave dirty clothes. This is how you’ll maintain better organization and hygiene.

Encourage cleanliness, a basic principle for a clean house

A sponge with soap and water for a clean house

In conclusion, cleanliness is essential and important in the home and is related to organization. If these two concepts are connected, you’ll reach your objectives.


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