Stain-Resistant Tablecloths: Get to Know Their Benefits

Learn about the benefits of stain-resistant tablecloths. Once you try them, you won't want to go back to conventional tablecloths!
Stain-Resistant Tablecloths: Get to Know Their Benefits

Last update: 25 September, 2021

Stain-resistant tablecloths are designed to prevent food, liquid, and dirt from penetrating underneath and damaging your table. If you’re fed up with constantly washing your conventional tablecloths, maybe it’s time for a change?

These tablecloths are the best option when you also have children at home. They’re very practical and come in a wide variety of colors and designs, breathing more life into your dining room. Their greatest benefit is that they’re made to make your life easier when cleaning them.

Types of stain-resistant tablecloths

In the market, you’ll find three main types of materials for stain-resistant tablecloths. Although they’re not the only ones, they’re the most common and are easy to find. Each one has its own specific properties and characteristics, but all of them repel the dirt exceptionally well.



Some stain-resistant tablecloths are made from 100 percent polyester and are very popular. The advantage of this material is that it’s the easiest to machine wash without damaging it.

This type of tablecloth is also available in different designs, shapes, and sizes–according to your table and decor.


Resin stain-resistant tablecloths are made from a blend of polyester and cotton, with an additional layer of polytetrafluoroethylene. Its surface is completely waterproof, which means that no liquid will penetrate it or slide between the strands, causing stains.

Its texture is very soft and it won’t need ironing or washing in the machine.


Unlike the previous ones, laminated stain-resistant tablecloths are made of one-hundred percent cotton, but they have a layer of resin and polytetrafluoroethylene that’s totally non-stick.

Washing these in the washing machine isn’t recommended because they’re more prone to damage. Similarly, it’s not necessary to iron them.

Benefits of stain-resistant tablecloths

Having a stain-resistant tablecloth in your home means a clean and hygienic dining room. For you to make the decision to have one for everyday use at home, (or for specific occasions), we’ll tell you more about its benefits. Either way, they’re very easy to get hold of and you’ll love them!

Easy to clean

Clean the table.

The biggest benefit of stain-resistant tablecloths is that they can be cleaned very easily, thanks to the materials with which they’re made. Although they can be washed in the washing machine, it’s recommended not to do this too often as this could damage them.

To clean them, just use a soft cloth, a little water and, when it comes to difficult stains, a neutral soap.

They don’t need ironing

In general, stain-resistant tablecloths don’t tend to wrinkle easily–especially if you clean them by hand. However, when using the washing machine, a few wrinkles may remain.

If you’re one of those people who hates wrinkles in textiles, you can try ironing the reverse side and with the lowest temperature. This way you won’t spoil the pattern or the material.

Stain-resistant tablecloths are resistant

Stain-resistant tablecloths are very durable because food, grease and liquid spills simply don’t affect them. To this, we can add the little wear that occurs, because its material is so resistant that it doesn’t require frequent washing.

Compared to traditional tablecloths, they’re much more resistant and durable.

Economical value

Stain-resistant tablecloths are usually inexpensive. Their use is very common and this makes them easy to find them in stores specializing in this type of product. The best news? Depending on the material, design and size, they’re inexpensive to buy, replace and maintain.

You should choose two of these tablecloths in different designs for constant changes–not because they get dirty, but because they’ll breathe new life into your decor.

Variety of designs

Variety of colours and styles.

The last of the benefits of stain-resistant tablecloths has to do with the wide variety of designs available. You’ll be able to easily clean food and liquid spills without sacrificing the look of your dining room.

You’ll find patterns in flowers, stripes, abstract figures and, if you don’t like patterns, there are also single tones available in a wide variety of colors. Without a doubt, you’ll find the perfect design to give your home a different vibe.

Stain-resistant tablecloths: a great solution

Liquid stains slide and therefore, don’t penetrate stain-resistant tablecloths. Usually, you’ll just need to put a damp cloth over the spill to clean it away. If the stain is due to grease, it’s necessary to use an absorbent cloth. Solid stains or food debris can be removed with a spatula or by hand.

In any case, if a thorough clean is required, you can use a clean, damp cloth and a little neutral soap to keep it looking as good as new.

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