Sophie Peckett - Interior Design with a Name of Its Own

Sophie Peckett Design's team has always made a strong commitment to its suppliers. Exclusive furniture and handmade pieces and fabrics put their designs above all others.
Sophie Peckett - Interior Design with a Name of Its Own

Last update: 25 October, 2020

Sophie Peckett is one of the names that comes up a lot in the interior design industry. She’s an interior designer with several years’ experience. In addition to designing residential houses and commercial spaces, she’s the person we dedicate this article to.

Sophie Peckett finished her studies in Architectural Interior Design at the Inchbald School of Design. Since then, she’s gone from opening her own design studio, Sophie Peckett Design, to being awarded the 2015-2016 UK Property Award.

We especially like the sophisticated and timeless character of her pieces. Her portfolio includes several projects for the decoration of luxury residential homes, both nationally and internationally. It also includes commercial design projects for boutique hotels, rural pubs, bars, and restaurants.

Sophie Peckett Design – the brand

A kitchen with some designs by Sophie Peckett.

The Sophie Peckett Design studio has successfully grown into a beautiful showroom in London where she shows her range of made-to-measure furniture, her lighting designs, and her extensive exclusive collection of fabrics and wallpapers from all over Europe.

Furthermore, she’s a strong advocate of handcrafted pieces, and compares them to investment objects. We couldn’t agree more.

The latest interior design trends are following this line of craftsmanship to escape from the normally monotonous and highly commercial design.

Why makes her designs special?

A living room with a mirror.

There are three basic ideas to the work of this interior designer. Firstly is her commitment to craftsmanship. In addition, she loves to add authentically made pieces by specialized craftsmen giving them a touch of luxury.

Timelessness is another strength. This is because Sophie Peckett doesn’t think about fast-moving consumer goods. She intends her pieces to be sustainable and last for a long time.

The third characteristic that strongly marks her work is her treatment of walls. They’re characteristic of her designs and are different from classic trends.

She’s bold with colors and uses them freely on walls and ceilings. She also makes extraordinary use of wallpaper to create relaxing colorful spaces.

The keys to Sophie Peckett Design

A kitchen with some chairs by Sophie Peckett.

For any makeover, Sophie Peckett Design applies several valuable steps that give personality. This works extraordinarily well with layers. The use of different textures, patterns and finishes that add dimension to a room is one of her most outstanding features.

Art pieces are considered in the earliest stages of the project and are never added as a finishing touch. They’re as important as the furniture or architectural features and bring life to the projects.

Lighting’s another facet where her work stands out. Sophie masterfully handles the art of projecting layers through lighting. She creates different levels of light by including dimmers and combining ambient and functional lighting.

Comfort and important objects

A living room with some modern furniture.

Interior design should never be at odds with comfort. Renowned professionals know this and constantly apply it to their work.

Sophie Peckett uses items such as sofas and rugs as a focal point. She considers them essential elements that provide comfort.

Rugs are elements that always soften spaces and provide that touch of comfort that’s sometimes missing. They support the furniture and can enhance the overall design.

“In our studio, the way we design is a combination of listening to our client and capturing their aspirations, as well as taking into account the integrity of the building. It’s a sensitive and empathetic way of designing an interior: for the property and the people involved”

-Sophie Peckett-