Solid Mango Wood Furniture

Solid mango wood furniture is growing in popularity. It can be found in more and more homes thanks to the different options it offers.
Solid Mango Wood Furniture

Last update: 05 March, 2021

The durability of the materials used in home decoration is fundamental; the idea is for furnishings to last for many years. Solid mango wood furniture is a great example of this; let’s find out more about it and the possibilities it offers.

Nowadays, synthetic materials are taking over the market. Chemicals are increasingly present in our society and, of course, in homes. However, most of us still agree with the idea that natural materials are synonymous with quality.

Generally, people demand that decorative products are strong and aesthetically pleasing. Of course we like to enjoy how they look in our homes. However, many less well-known options are available which are attractive and at the same time resistant and efficient.

The qualities of solid mango wood

Cleaning a window.

You probably know this species for its fruit rather than for its wood. It’s an exotic plant that’s not found in cold areas, since it requires heat and humidity to grow.

One of the qualities of mango wood is its strength and, like bamboo, it’s firm and malleable enough to be used in furniture production. However, it may need to be treated beforehand to make it resistant to the passage of time.

It can be sawed, cut, glued, planed, sanded, etc. Anything woodworkers need to do to make high quality furniture can be done with mango wood. It has a certain degree of elasticity and can withstand moderate compression, though it’s important to bear in mind that this type of semi-hardwood requires specific care.

Mango – unique in its texture, appearance and color.

Furniture made of solid mango wood

Before taking a look at some specific examples of furniture, you need to know that this wood is in very high demand. The image it conveys in interiors helps to enrich the design as a whole. 

  • The dining table, a center table for the living room, or a bedside table are options that look great in mango wood. It offers a clear distinction with respect to the other woods that are normally used: pine, cherry, walnut, etc.
  • Chairs also fit into this group; however, they can suffer more from day-to-day wear and tear. Continued use does result in deterioration. A good surface finish enhances mango wood furniture considerably.
  • Sideboards are becoming more and more fashionable. Mango wood sideboards offer a degree of subtlety and are unique enough to add to the harmony of the overall feel of your interior design.
  • Chests of drawers and living room furniture, such as TV tables, made of mango wood are also great options in interior design. They offer an exotic contribution, since this material is different from those normally used for furniture.

Aesthetic benefits

A mango wood door.

From an aesthetic point of view, solid mango wood stands out from other decorative materials. As mentioned above, it’s unusual, although it’s becoming increasingly well-known because of the advantages it offers.

The feeling of warmth and calm it gives off means it fits in to any environment. In addition, it’s suitable for any decorative style, whether it’s contemporary, rustic, traditional or classic.

It goes very well with all kinds of shades, from dark to light, as well as with other materials such as ceramics or even a parquet floor. In one way or another, it can adapt to any surrounds.

Time to renew the design of your home.

What about its market price?

One factor to take into account is its price. It’s slightly more expensive than conventional wood furniture. Obviously, this will depend on dimensions of the piece, but the most important thing is the final result.

However, many people consider it an investment that guarantees an effective long-term return. Instead of falling back on more common materials for your furniture, why not innovate and go for something new? Maybe it’s time to change and look for other alternatives.

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