Slides in Homes - a Fun, New Trend

Could you imagine putting a slide in your home? This is becoming a trend, both indoors and in the garden.
Slides in Homes - a Fun, New Trend

Last update: 27 June, 2020

Do you know what the lastest decorative trend is in homes around the world? We’re talking about slides in homes. This is a fun trend that is especially popular with younger audiences.

We’re not talking about an element that’s super common in homes. Previously, interior designers hadn’t considered the option of including slides in homes as much as they have recently.

Generally, we put slides outside the house, in the garden or by the pool. However, this new trend is now becoming popular in children’s rooms. However, this is still an item associated with leisure and entertainment.

What can slides bring to the home?

Slides in homes can be creative way to bring fun into the home.

You’re probably doubting the aesthetic possibilities of slides in homes. There is no doubt that slides are a unique decorative element. However, slides can be something unusual and special to bring into your home.

Aesthetically, you can arrange a slide as a ramp. However, you don’t want it to contrast too much with your home so you can choose one that is shaped appropriately. In other words, you want a slide that is similar both in color and structure to other elements in the space.

The main goal is to place a slide in a home without creating tension or destroying the harmony of the decor. In fact, the most important factor is that the slide makes sense in the space. You want it to convey a feeling of informality and fun, but with an aesthetic foundation.

Having a slide at home is an enhancement of daily leisure and entertainment.

Slides in homes – styles and designs

What types of slides can you have? You’re probably thinking about slides from playgrounds. However, these don’t have to be purely for children. Let’s look at some styles that can work indoors and outdoors.

  • Open. This one of the most common styles. Open slides have no top and the slide itself is visible. In fact, you can watch the whole process of someone sliding down.
  • Closed. This type of slide is a tube, completely closed to the outside. It means you can’t see anything while you’re inside the slide.
  • Straight. Straight slides can just be a ramp that is completely straight.
  • Curved. These types of slides are very attractive since they generate a certain dynamism of movement when someone uses this style.

From the second floor to the living room

Slides in homes can sometimes be from the second floor to the first floor.

A slide from the upstairs into the living room is one way to create access to the first floor quickly. It’s a way of creating a link from one space to another. Slides are also a functional system and they’re fun! It’s a rapid and creative way to get to the living room from upstairs.

However, you can decorate according to the environment of your home. It’s not necessary to have a childish theme. In fact, you need to establish a chromatic and aesthetic relationship with the rest of the decor. This is the best way to achieve decorative harmony.

In addition, there are some slides that take up a lot of space and others that don’t use too much. These slides can be unusual and even somewhat conflicting for the eye. However, without a doubt, this is an attractive decoration for both your family and guests.

Slides in homes – the best way to get out of a bunk bed

To decorate a child’s room, one option is to consider using a bunk bed with a slide. While this can be a bit unusual, it’s an option instead of using stairs or a ladder to get down.

In addition, through a slide, you can have relaxation and fun. Every time your child gets out of bed, they can do so in a fun and entertaining way. You can also use slides with trundle beds.

However, we recommend that you place the slide next to a wall. If you decide to place it in the center of the room, it can eat up a lot of space.

A playground in your yard instead of slides in homes

A playground in a backyard.

Of course, one of the best options for some people is a slide outside. In fact, this can turn into a fun playground for kids.

Every time you gather together with friends with their children or a birthday party, a slide is a great thing to provide entertainment for the kids. There are many types of slides, although the most common are wood, plastic, and metal.

So, would you dare to put a slide in your home?