Put Your Bedroom Into Winter Mode With These Decorating Tips

With some basic touches, such as duvets, rugs, and cushions, you'll be able to keep the cold at bay and create a warm bedroom. Follow our tips to ease you into hibernation mode!
Put Your Bedroom Into Winter Mode With These Decorating Tips

Last update: 13 October, 2021

Officially, winter has begun! Therefore, you’ll absolutely want to transform your decor with warm and welcoming touches that invite you to enjoy cozy wellbeing. Would you like to put your bedroom into winter mode? This is, without a doubt, one of the spaces in your home that’ll appreciate this effort the most.

With some basic touches, such as duvets, rugs and cushions, you’ll be able to keep the cold at bay and create a nice, cozy, and warm bedroom. Follow these tips to ease you into hibernation mode.

Put your bedroom into winter mode

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You know that you can transform the look and feel of any space by changing the colors and accessories. In winter, it’s about looking for warmth and creating spaces that invite you to retreat, enjoy family life, and keep the cold at bay. For achieving this, there are some essential keys.

The colors of a winter bedroom

For that winter spirit to envelop your bedroom, you’ll need to use those colors that’ll give it the necessary warmth– perfect for winter days.

Some of the colors you can use are fiery red, olive green, purple, or dusty pink. These are the sweeping tones and we invite you to use them in the form of decorative accessories, furniture, or on the walls.

Also, you can use pastel colors, especially if you like the Scandinavian style. Combine it with timeless white–the winter color by nature. But try not to abuse it too much because, otherwise, you’ll create a cold environment.

Another great idea is to use the color of the year (2021) according to the Pantone Institute. This is Illuminating, a vibrant yellow that goes well with Ultimate Gray. Yellow is perfect for bedding as it’ll fill your bedroom with positivity and energy.

The best winter lighting

When we decorate, lighting is usually one of the secondary aspects that we consider. However, good lighting can do incredible things for your spaces. To create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, one of the most important considerations is to use low-intensity light.

You can also use indirect lighting and various points of light, such as floor lamps, bedside table lamps, and a few candles to create subtle moments of privacy.

Ideas to decorate a modern bedroom

The textures to put your bedroom into winter mode

On the other hand, playing with textures, fabrics, and furniture is another key aspect to achieving rich decor. In winter, it’s time to take advantage of wool and velvet, which are so comfortable and warm.

Take this into account (not only in your bedding), in other elements too, such as your cushions, plaids, and the upholstery of your headboard. These are very fast and effective ways to give that winter touch to your bedroom.

The right bedding for a winter bedroom

Look for warm bedding with a soft and pleasant touch that invites you to enjoy your bedroom. Dare to mix and layer with several layers: the sheet, the duvet cover, a fur blanket, the plaids, and a lot of cushions…

With all of these elements, you’ll achieve an extra comfort and warmth, in addition to creating the winter atmosphere. Take care that the colors and patterns you choose are in tune.

The rug at your feet

Rugs are the quintessential decorative element when it comes to dressing a space. In addition, in winter, they can provide that extra pampering and comfort that you want. Look for a fluffy model that has strong and warm colors such as red or orange. By the way, they’ll also help you to insulate your home from the cold.

Do you see how easy it is to put your bedroom into winter mode? Tell us about your tips to add that warm and welcoming air to your spaces. How do you change your decor with each season?

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