Provence is Knocking on Your Door

Provence fills the spaces in your home with light, warm colors and pieces with a natural air. Will you use this decorative style in your home?
Provence is Knocking on Your Door

Last update: 03 February, 2021

Natural materials with rustic lines and bright and green spaces are the keys to having a piece of French Provence at home. This is one of the most popular decorative styles. If you’ve fallen in love with it too, here you can discover the keys to putting it into practice.

Get ready to breathe some fresh air and let a little part of the south of France into your home thanks to these expert tips. It’s much easier than you think!

Provence at Home

The typical houses in the south of French Provence give their name to this decorative style, which is inspired by the homes located among vineyards, lavender fields, orchards, and fruit trees. They’re built with stone walls and their wooden furniture is full of stories.

Because Provence is an area with a great climate, where the sun’s rays invade every corner, natural light becomes a key element with which you can fill your home.

Keys to bringing Provence into your home

Provençal style

The colors of Provence

Although white is indeed a key color of this style, it’s usually accompanied by earth tones: brown, mustard, beige, grey… Besides, of course, all those that you can find in the blooming fields, such as blues, roses, lilacs, and oranges.

Provençal style furniture

Simplicity is the key to this style, and a lighter atmosphere is always better. Our favorite materials are wood and iron, bringing in that rustic air that defines this style so well – even better if the furniture you choose has handcrafted touches.

If you like crafts, you can practice stripping furniture and use vanilla or pearl tones; here’s a video where you can learn how to do it and give that romantic feel to your home.

Finally, we encourage you to include antiques, either with small pieces loaded with personality such as mirrors, ceramics, or trunks, or larger ones with a bit of history, such as vintage industrial furniture.

Provence through the floors and walls

Another way to bring this corner of France into your home is through the floors and walls. Their rawest, most rustic, smoothest form, with that authentic touch given by the terracotta tiles, is right on trend. Also, wooden floors are an excellent option that will fill each of your rooms with warmth, making you feel like you’re living in the countryside.

A kitchen made for dreaming


As part of the charm of Provencal spaces, there are the lively kitchens, recognizable for their checkered tablecloths or glass lemonade jars. You can always be inspired by shabby chic, but don’t forget that this is a much more refined style.

You can bring in a vibrant feel with a big bowl full of peaches, apples, grapes… They’ll go so well with wrought iron details,  cotton textiles, and sunlit rooms!

A little bit of Provencal nature at home

If you want your home to look like it’s just been shipped out of the south of France, you’ll have to let nature in on every corner: not only with the plants and flowers you decorate your spaces with but also with the prints that can decorate your curtains, cushions, bedspreads or sofas. Check out these AliExpress cushions.

Don’t hesitate to put vases everywhere and fill them with lavender. Make cotton and linen your best friends and include the details of natural fibers to finish this wonderful country picture.

Provence promises to brighten up your home and make it brighter, warmer, and simpler. Pay attention to the color palette and the materials and let nature find its way in.

You’ll see that this is one of the most uncomplicated, vibrant styles that exist. Without much effort, the French atmosphere will reign in your home.