Practical Ideas For Entertaining at Home

Prepare your home to entertain guests! With these tips, your home will look perfect. Take a look!
Practical Ideas For Entertaining at Home

Last update: 12 November, 2020

If you like entertaining at home, we’ll give you a few tips from IKEA so you can enjoy the company of your loved ones in your beautifully decorated home.

Your hall plays an essential role and the bathroom should be a space where guests can clean up in a comfortable, practical way. Take note and prepare yourself to entertain in your home!

Entertaining at home and keeping your house clean

Entertaining at home is a great idea in the summer.

If you’re thinking about entertaining at home, the first thing you need to do is take a look at your space. You want to make sure everyone is comfortable. For example, if your dining room table doesn’t fit everyone, you can organize something informal using other areas, such as your living room or kitchen.

Likewise, before your guests arrive, it’s best to make sure your house is well ventilated and to clean all surfaces that are touched a lot, such as doorknobs, handles, handrails, and light switches. This ensures that your house is sanitized before your visitors arrive.

The hall – the key to entertaining at home

The foyer is important when entertaining at home.

The hall is a transition space between the outside and the rest of your home so it’s important to make it a place to filter out dirt from the street.

  1. The first step to keep your house clean, regardless of whether you have guests, is not to wear shoes in the house. To do this, you just need to ask everyone to take off their shoes. Set up an area to leave shoes and you can even offer guests slippers to make them more comfortable.
  2. Invite guests to leave their coats and bags at the entrance. This prevents any odors from coming into the house. For example, smokers’ coats often smell of smoke.

The guest bathroom

A clean bathroom.

So that your guests can wash their hands when they arrive at your house, it’s nice to prepare the bathroom:

  • Before eating, your guests are going to want to wash their hands. Obviously, it’s important to have liquid soap and it’s also nice to have some hand cream as well.
  • Don’t forget about decorations! Consider adding a plant, a decorative painting, or an aromatic candle.
  • If you want to be extra hygienic, replace traditional towels with paper towels. You should also have an open trash bin or one with a pedal near the sink.
  • Don’t forget about the little ones! Place a step stool nearby so they can access the sink comfortably.

The perfect living room for entertaining at home

The living room is important when entertaining at home.

Most likely, the living room is going to be a central point for everyone before, during, or after eating so your guests must be comfortable.

You can enhance the area by placing chairs, stools, or poufs around the sofa to make the gathering more comfortable. Then, in addition to ensuring that everyone has enough space, you’ll also create a good flow for conversation.

Finally, consider covering the sofa with a cloth to help clean up after your guests. Then, you’ll just need to remove it and wash it. Also, when everyone leaves, don’t forget to ventilate your house.

The dining room

A well-lit dining room.

When serving food, it’s important to make sure that every guest has their own cutlery, napkins, glasses, and plates. You don’t want these to get mixed up. One fun way to do this is by using different colors or patterns for each person.

Entertaining at home without stress

With these simple rules, you’ll be able to entertain guests in your home without sacrificing hygiene. It also makes it easier for your rooms to look be clean and tidy afterward.

Always keep in mind that your home should be in order when guests arrive but shouldn’t be a disaster when they leave. The idea is to organize everything so that you can maintain your house in a simple way, with or without guests

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