Polished Cement: A Trendy Decorative Coating

If you're looking for a modern and sober option to create contrast in your home, polished cement is an ideal alternative. This decorative coating gives a unique touch.
Polished Cement: A Trendy Decorative Coating

Last update: 15 April, 2023

Gone are the days when there were very few home decorating options. Fortunately, today, there are more than numerous options and alternatives on the market to personalize each room. Keep reading and learn about polished cement. This material is gradually gaining ground due to its elegance and easy maintenance.

Interior and exterior decor has undergone a notable evolution in terms of the materials used to cover walls, floors, and ceilings. And one of the most popular coatings today is polished concrete. This is thanks to the fact that it brings a contemporary and elegant style to any room.

Four reasons to use polished cement in your decor

This material is a type of coating applied to concrete or cement surfaces and, after undergoing a polishing and sealing process, achieves a bright and uniform finish. Its application involves various materials and tools, and its results bring beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some reasons why you should use polished cement in your home:

1. It has a high level of customization

You can use polished cement to renovate intimate spaces like the bedroom.
You can use polished cement to renovate personal rooms like the bedroom.

The first thing we’ve noticed about using polished cement is how it can be completely customized to create unique and modern surfaces. To this end, the first thing you need to do is to choose among the infinite shades and finishes. These vary greatly depending on your needs and preferences.

Two identical surfaces covered with polished cement can be very different from each other when compared visually. Being such a versatile material, it’s not only used to decorate your home in a specific style. The truth is that it also adapts to other styles, such as vintage, rustic modernist, and even minimalist.

2. It’s an investment that lasts for years

In the midst of an economic crisis, we all need to think twice before spending money. However, when you discover polished cement, you’ll soon see how the investment is worth it.

Beyond its cost, which may be reasonable considering its characteristics, it stands out for how durable it is and how it still looks perfect after many years.

It doesn’t matter what surface you decide to cover with this material, it’ll resist the passage of time well. Wear doesn’t alter or affect its appearance, even if it’s in a high-traffic area or if the furniture is regularly dragged over it. As such, years will pass before you need to renovate or replace the surface that you decorated with polished cement.

3. Polished cement resists contact with water

Polished cement repels water, making it ideal for use in humid spaces such as the bathroom.
Polished cement repels water, making it ideal for use in humid places such as the bathroom.

Now that we’ve talked about how durable the material is, it’s time to delve into a feature that homeowners really like. We refer to the enormous resistance it has in terms of contact with water.

In a house or apartment, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, it’s impossible to prevent surfaces from ending up being splashed or subjected to humidity. Polished cement remains unaffected by both scenarios.

In fact, this increasingly popular decor trend can even be used on flooring surrounding swimming pools. Beyond the splashes when diving into the water, outdoor flooring will always be subjected to rainfall and inclement weather. Even as the years go by, your polished cement will still look like new. 

4. Polished cement only requires basic maintenance

Polished cement is a very easy material to keep in perfect condition. By choosing to decorate a surface with this coating, you can forget about having to buy specific cleaning products. These can be quite expensive and often difficult to find.

If certain substances come into contact with polished cement they can stain it. As such, you should avoid spilling wine, coffee, and oil, among others. If a stain does occur, it’s advisable to clean it immediately with neutral soap and water. In addition, it’s recommendable to apply a sealer from time to time, especially in high-traffic or outdoor areas.

So, its maintenance is not only simple but also affordable. It’s for all these reasons that polished cement is increasing in popularity. Found in more and more homes and used to coat floors, columns, and stairs, this is thanks to the versatility it displays.

Ready to use polished cement in your home?

If you’re looking for a decorative coating that combines style and practicality, polished concrete is a worthy contender. With its bright and uniform appearance, durability, and easy cleaning, this material can transform any room into a modern and sophisticated place. So keep it in mind if you want to change your home.