Pink and Green - Two Trendy Room Colors

In this article, we're going to discuss the trend of decorating rooms in green and pink. This trend has emerged in recent years, and it's definitely here to stay.
Pink and Green - Two Trendy Room Colors

Last update: 18 May, 2020

A couple of years ago, the interior design world was flooded with the pink and green color combination. In particular, the combo surprised us with its feminine yet adult aesthetics. Today, the pink and green trend still exists and will be around for a long time.

This color combination takes us back to the 1960s and the pin-up phenomenon, characterized by its bright colors and harmony. The green and pink Beverly Hills style rooms were fresh, relaxing, and tremendously original. Most importantly, they had personality.

These colors have character and a strong presence, something that very few other combinations have. It’s less risky to use in bedrooms, and it has the greatest visual impact in living rooms.

It projects a feeling of absolute happiness. To achieve this Californian look, accessories are necessary, in addition to the colors. In this article, we’ll explore this in more detail.

A combination of character for a green and pink living room

These two colors can be used to recreate completely different styles. They mesh well with the romantic decoration of the English countryside, as long as we use them in floral print patterns.

You can experiment with styles like shabby chic to achieve an amazing pink and green living room. You can also apply this combination to other styles. Let’s explore the elements that will give the perfect finish.

The walls

The most important thing is to designate which of the two colors will dominate the room. For example, if the dominant color is green, pink can be a secondary color. This combination is very elegant and soft when both colors are applied to neutral color bases, such as beige.

In other words, one of the three colors should be strongest on most of the walls. You can choose the intensity of the color according to the interior design style you have.

The best way to achieve success is to paint the walls in a neutral tone, keeping at least one wall for green or pink. The secondary and accent colors can take center stage on fabrics, furniture, and decorative accessories.

Green and pink fabrics stand out in living rooms

For spectacular results, use plain fabrics combined with floral or geometric prints that include both colors.

This is quite simple, especially when using English country decorations. Green and pink are the colors of flowers and both exist in nature and our gardens.

There are wonderful collections of floral fabrics on the market in these shades that you can use. They’ll give your living room texture and contrast so that it doesn’t appear flat. You should avoid that effect, especially with this color combination.

There’s nothing more daring than sofas in pink or lime green. By themselves, they’re a focal point in the room; you can organize the rest of the fabric accessories based on them. If the sofa is pink, place it against a green wall and vice versa.

Furniture and decorative accessories

This is the opportunity to repaint that old piece of furniture or bookshelf that you’re so fond of, but that no longer matches anything in your home. Surely it would look great with fresh layers of green, from aqua green to mint colors.

The pink and green combination in the living room complements wooden furniture. These two shades soften the wood and match it perfectly. There are so many decorative elements you can combine wooden furniture with, such as rugs, lamps, sofa cushions, throws, and curtains.

Then, choose accessories that add the finishing touches to your living room. S