Preparing Your Home for a New Year's Party

To ring in the New Year, you have a chance to go all out and throw an elegant party. Make it an unforgettable night!
Preparing Your Home for a New Year's Party

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The winter holidays are very special. Reunions with family and friends mean important times. Gatherings translate into dinner parties and celebrations. So in our post today, we want to show you how to dress your home up for New Year’s.

New Year’s is a special time where nostalgia and excitement collide. While many opt to spend the night at a club, bar or other kinds of establishments, you can also welcome the new year in your very own home.

A home can be a place to celebrate, so why not ring in the New Year at yours this year? Invite your closest friends and family for a night to remember.

Main spaces for your party

New Years spaces
  • Living room: your living room will play a key role as it’s the most spacious area that also has the most seating options in addition to nice decor.
  • Dining room: if you’re planning on preparing dinner and then partying, your dining room will be the heart of your reunion. Make sure it’s spacious and equipped with plenty of seating.
  • Kitchen: your kitchen isn’t a gathering space for your guests but an important transit area to access food, drinks, dishware, etc.
  • Bathrooms: your guests will use your bathrooms throughout the entire party.

Setting up your rooms

New Years set up

Just as we mentioned earlier in our post, you’re throwing a party, so make sure your home is ready for it! Take care of even the smallest details and ensure proper decor.

  •  In both your dining and living rooms, make sure to open up a space to hang out or dance. Clean up any glasses or objects that block the area.
  • Set up seating against the walls, even your couches. Having plenty of seating options will keep your guests comfortable. Use chairs from different parts of your home.
  • Soft, warm lighting is the ideal setting. Feel free to throw in a disco-ball.

Setting up your home for a party is essential. —

Decorating for New Year’s

New Year's

You should create a decor that’s festive and special. Try to transform your home for one night. So, what can you use to decorate?

  • You don’t have to change the decor on your shelves nor your furniture. They’ll help remind everyone that they’re in your home.
  • Set up streamers, ribbons, garlands, Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree with lights and disco-ball if you have them.
  • A minibar can be both decorative and functional. Get plenty of use out of it on a night like this and put it in a place that’s easy to see and access.
  • Lighting is essential as it can create more or less excitement depending on the ambiance you want to make. Try a soft, warm light to start the night off and lower the intensity to create a dance floor.

Keeping things clean

New Years cleaning

Hopefully, your guests will be respectful of your home and belongings. In any case, give everyone a heads up on partying safe and keeping things clean.

But as thoughtful as everyone might be, your home will get dirty, especially your kitchen and bathroom. But you’ll have time the following day to pick up everything and clean. Just make sure that your home is clean for your guests and have a blast.

Try throwing an awesome party for your friends and family to welcome the New Year.

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