Miranda Kerr is Launching her Own Furniture Collection

Miranda Kerr is launching a collection of furniture and accessories and we want all of it. Do you want to find out more about it?
Miranda Kerr is Launching her Own Furniture Collection

Last update: 16 August, 2020

Australian model Miranda Kerr has launched a furniture collection that we’ve fallen head over heels in love with. Yes, we’re sure that you will too.

Miranda Kerr – a Jack-of-all-trades

Miranda is a model, mother of three children, and an entrepreneur. Also, she has created an environmentally friendly beauty line called Kora Organics and has published the book Treasure Yourself.

However, if this weren’t enough, Miranda has also taken her first steps in the field of interior design. She’s created a series of items designed for the office, living room, dining room, and kitchen, in collaboration with Universal Furniture.

Just a few weeks ago, we found out that Miranda Kerr’s home reflects her designs. However, we won’t be able to see it until the spring of next year. This is what we learned during The High Point Market, one of the major industry trade shows of the decor scene in the world.

Why is Miranda Kerr launching a furniture collection?

Miranda Kerr eating from one of her bowls.

The model’s taste for decor pieces is clear. Not only for the beautiful house she shares with her husband, businessman Evan Spiegel, but because she has already shown interest in this world.

Some time ago Evan was part of the creative process for one of the collections of the legendary Royal Albert firm, founded in 1904. Here you can find exquisite English china with traditional floral patterns.

Miranda created ‘Friendship‘, a tea of delicacy and precious details, with colorful butterflies and peonies. A resounding success!

The collection is just as you imagine

A room in light tones.

Miranda loves leading a healthy lifestyle, with meditation and sustainability… and that’s why she hung up her angel wings for Victoria’s Secret a few years ago since she didn’t agree with their principles.

So, as you can imagine, if Miranda Kerr launches a furniture collection, her brand will be reflected in it. At the moment, we can tell you the name is “Love. Joy. Bliss.” and she conveys her essence in each piece along with the style that prevails throughout her own house.

This woman is passionate about simple minimalist spaces and is a huge fan of feng shui; the flow of energy to harmonize a home.

In the collection, you can find a modern, contemporary, and very delicate style. It uses pink and gold accents and portrays elegance with mother-of-pearl inlays and lacquer.

A bedroom with Miranda Kerr's products.

The mission is to have beautiful, practical, and timeless furniture, and according to the model’s own words, “functional, inspiring, and enriching at the same time.”

Miranda Kerr has launched a furniture collection with Universal Furniture. Furthermore, it’s clear that with 12 million Instagram followers, the iconic model can inspire young people.

Miranda herself has written on her profile “It has been a dream of mine to create my own furniture collection that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also promotes warm, positive, and loving energy in the home.”

But it doesn’t end there, you can also find decor accessories fit for a millennial’s wallet.

This is the Miranda Kerr furniture collection

A geometrical coffee table.

It’s not surprising the model has been sharing some pieces with her followers on Instagram.

Among them, you can see a round glass dining table on a golden geometric base. You’ll also find a pale blush sideboard with thick doors. Also, our favorite is a tall bar cabinet with mother-of-pearl doors and mirrored interiors.

The bedroom she’s shown us is attractive. It’s filled with pink tones and metallic details, where you can see a padded headboard and round stools.

Geometry, metallic details, and soft tones are the leitmotivs of the collection. We hope you enjoy Miranda’s ideas.

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