Masonry Barbecues

The best part about barbecues is that you don't have to be a high-standing chef to prepare a great feast.
Masonry Barbecues

Last update: 28 December, 2018

Barbecues are the center of family reunions. The family reunions where laughs are abundant while beers and good conversations flow freely. Is there a better place to be with loved ones than around a barbecue? And even better is a masonry barbecue.

What’s more is that anything that’s cooked over a low flame with tender love and care always tastes better. On top of that, the best part about barbecues is that you don’t need to be an expert chef to prepare an authentic feast.

In our post today, we’ll give you some ideas for a masonry barbecue to transform your backyard into a space for gatherings with family, friends, and neighbors.

What you need to know about masonry barbecues

Every masonry barbecue has a fixed structure that’s made with a heavy material like cement, brick or stone.

The size that your barbecue should be depends on how big your backyard is. Barbecues normally are 2 meters-wide and weigh anywhere between 200 to 900 kg.

They come in a variety of sizes so you can find the best one that fits the area that you want to put it in. You can find models that to serve 4, 6 or 8 portions. For our more detailed readers, a cooker hood is something to keep in mind.


  • Charcoal: these barbecues only work with charcoal.
  • Charcoal and firewood: this is the most traditional kind of barbecue. It uses both charcoal and firewood at the same time. The charcoal helps get the flames going while the firewood feeds them. The combination creates real flavors and a toasty aroma. When you use these kinds of barbecues, you need to start a fire and wait until you have some embers before you can start grilling.
Barbecue 2
  • Gas: gas barbecues are great for healthy cooking and are comfortable to use. The grill heats up several burners, which allows for even, precise cooking. Additionally, they heat up fast. The drum is filled with volcanic rocks to distribute heat more evenly.
  • Electric: electric grills are very easy to use. They’re a great option for city-dwellers that can’t install a gas or firewood barbecue at home. These electric options are practical, compact, light and fast in the kitchen.

Rustic barbecue

Rustic barbecues are very similar to the living room  fireplaces that people used in the olden days.

In the upper section, rustic barbecues have a small chimney to release the smoke. Below is where we’ll find the grill along with a brick and stone lining.

Some versions include a metal door to control the heat. Others, however, don’t have a door. These rustic barbecues also have a chimney to release the smoke.

Exposed brick grill

Brick is one of the most popular materials for barbecues. Bricks are very strong and can withstand tough weather conditions.

On another note, brick goes well with a lot of backyard furniture decor. They usually have a chimney, a grill, and a stove-top. In the lower area of brick barbecues, you can usually find a place to store wood or other grilling utensils.

Outdoor brick barbecues or ovens give backyards a very traditional look that has a special charm. While they aren’t always the prettiest option, they’re certainly the most resistant when it comes to high-temperatures.

Brick grills make a solid choice and they go well with any kind of home decor as long as there’s enough space for a grill.

Try to deck out your grill as much as possible. You could also include a countertop to prepare food on as well as extra spaces for storing firewood or charcoals. Investing in your grill will ensure a great barbecue experience.

Barbecue 3

Stone barbecue

Stone grills are sturdy and heavy. They need a sound cement foundation. Stone grills usually use firewood and charcoal.

They can come with a number of details such as a connected stone oven, a space to store firewood, a countertop or different grill tops

They can easily weigh more than 400 kg. and their size might require some legal paperwork or a permit.

barbecue 4

Barbecue accessories

There are grilling accessories available that can improve your masonry barbecue experience.

For example, you can find utensil kits that include carving forks, meat prongs, tongs, knives, sauces or brushes, cleaning sets, shelves, roasters, drawers for silverware or even grill raisers.

Ready to get a masonry barbecue?