Light Cubes

Your light fixtures say a lot about your style and personality. If you live in a modern home with straight lines, you'll love how cube lights fit in. They also work with other decor styles like vintage or Asian!
Light Cubes

Last update: 25 December, 2019

Geometric shapes have always been a thing, especially in decor. They’re classic, so it’s not unusual to find light cubes for exterior or interior decor in magazines or home decor stores.

In our post today, let’s look at the different options you have for light cubes or square-shaped lights. Pick your favorite one and find the perfect spot for it in your home.

Light cubes – a hot trend

cube light trend

Flip through a home decor magazine or website and you’re bound to find an interesting element – light cubes.

These light fixtures can offer light and style for living rooms, backyards, bedrooms and balconies alike.

If you want to light up your home with something stylishlight cubes are a great solution. They work especially well in minimalist or modern homes that use straight lines.

These days homes that follow the minimalist trend tend to have a symmetrical and square or rectangular decor as curves don’t quite cut it.

And that’s where these cubes step in – they look amazing in any setting. You can also find them in different colors, materials but they always have the same great results wherever you choose to install them.

Salt lamps, which hold spiritual benefits, or futuristic lamps, like the Panta Rei are popular options for modern homes. The Panta Rei is a metal cube with a hole in the center and has different light intensities.

Light cube designs – vintage and Asian

light cubes design

There are also other popular designs for light cubes such as vintage or Asian.

If you think back to, or simply look up, images of 60s and 70s kitchens, light cubes will probably be hanging from the ceiling or sit in a corner, next to a couch. Brown was a popular color back then and even covered light fixtures. But you could also find them in orange, red or turquoise.

As for Asian-style lamps, don’t forget that Asian countries use many straight lines in their designs. So it’s no surprise that light fixtures follow the same idea. They’re made with rice paper or bamboo and feature floral paintings or vertical script. These lamps can be any color but gold, red, black and white tend to be the most common.

DIY light cube

light cubes DIY

Want to make your own light cube? Standing or hanging, there are plenty of simple project ideas to choose from.

For example, build a basic structure with pieces of wood. Next, glue four similarly-sized pieces of wood together to form a cube. Or cover the structure with a vinyl sheet with a nice design.

Some people even use pallets, metal structures, fabric, wicker, glass or stained glass to create their lights. Just connect your material in a way to form a cube.

For children’s rooms, try a light cube that features their favorite characters. Meanwhile for your own room, use a color that fits well with the surrounding decor (curtains, blankets, pillows, furniture pieces, etc.)

If you love the look of light cubes, try making a set of them and hang them above your dining room table. Or, put one on top of a side table in the corner of your living room. And why not use them next to some flower pots on your balcony or on your hallway walls?

There is no limit to how you can use light cubes. You can use them in any decor style. While they look best in minimalist, Asian or vintage settings, they can also work in Nordic and cubic decors as well. They can even be art deco!

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