Learn This Decor Tip to Keep Your House Cool

Enjoy a cool house in the summer heat!
Learn This Decor Tip to Keep Your House Cool

Last update: 16 September, 2020

Even though there’s no magic formula, there are some small changes and adaptations that you can make in your home to have a cool house. Do you want to learn them?

When summer is here the high temperatures make you want to turn your house into an oasis. So the good news is that there are interior designs that can reduce the heat and we’re going to tell you all about them.

With some small changes in your interior design, you’ll be able to sleep better and spend more pleasant days inside.  Read on, if you want to learn more about them.

Interior design and heat – fabrics to have a cool house

Lounge chair with velvet fabric, not a good fabric idea for a cool house.

If you love velvet or leatherette covered sofas but think they’re only for winter, relax!   It’s just a matter of getting a pretty linen cover for the summer months and you’ve changed the look in your living room.

At Ikea, you can find many sizes, colors, and fabrics for cushion covers.  Choose the one that goes best with your sofa and with the rest of your decor. You’ll see what a difference this makes.

It’s the same with rugs. When it’s time to have them cleaned, substitute furry soft ones for rugs with natural fibers.

Fiber for a cool house

As we’ve said, a natural fiber rug would be ideal for your living room, but also we suggest that you have jute, sisal, or wicker items in any area of your house. They give the sensation of lightness and freshness and create a decor that tends to cool the house.

A great way of using natural fiber is to have a ceiling light made of one of these fibers. Baskets are very decorative and can help you keep things organized. So go out and find some!

Interior design colors that help keep you cool

Light bed linens for a cool house

You already know about the importance of colors and how they affect mood. Naturally, they transmit feelings, and sometimes coolness is your objective. At the same time, some colors absorb more light, which makes them warmer. For example, black is one of these colors.

Create a chromatic palette of green and blue tones, and use a lot of white. As a result, you’ll see how easy it is to give a breath of fresh air to your house.

The magic of nature

Plants are useful in many situations. And if you want to create cooler spaces where you can lower the temperature, they’re effective. There’s nothing better than creating an oasis in your home (in the center of the house if possible).

Plants oxygenate the environment. What’s more, they provide good energy in your house and make the air fresh, so remember to include them. Sansevieria is easy to care for and looks good. Another option is to use hanging plants to create a pleasant corner.

Outdoor life

Scene on the back deck of a home

If you’re lucky enough to have a patio, a garden, or an outdoor terrace, do make use of it. It’ll give you energy, and there’s nothing more pleasant and refreshing than to spend time outside in fresh air.

Decorate your spaces with lanterns (you can find them at Maisons du Monde). Also good for outside use are a hammock, bright colors, plants, or a sofa where you can sit back and watch the stars. If you have enough space, you can have get-togethers with friends.

Using interior for a cool house

In many countries, ceiling fans are an excellent way to stay cool. If you don’t want to overuse the air conditioning, (and you shouldn’t) putting several fans on the ceiling will help you circulate the air and we guarantee that you’ll notice quite a difference. Here’s a tip – the more blades they have, the more air they’ll circulate.

Create a cool home with these decoration tips and you’ll be able to cope with the heat.